Assistive Technology To Enable Cyber Gamers

Singapore, 14 November 2005 –

  • Samsung Electronics Seeds Initial Grant to The Society for the Physically Disabled
  • An estimated 200 people with physical disabilities are targeted to participate in the Enabled Cyber Games in 2006
  • Future plans to incorporate proposed Enabled Cyber Gamer tournament at next year’s World Cyber Games 2006 Singapore National Final

At the Grand Final of World Cyber Games 2005, Samsung Electronics, a leader in the digital technology era, and The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), a registered voluntary welfare organization, unveiled plans of a joint collaboration to provide people with physical disabilities an opportunity to experience the joy of gaming through new customised assistive technology devices. Special adviser to the collaboration is Rapture Gaming, organizers of World Cyber Games 2005 Singapore National Final.

Technology is a great leveller. In cyber gaming, through modifications made to the keyboards and consoles, disabled people and non-disabled people alike can participate and interact as equals. At SPD, we constantly advocate universal designs for an inclusive society, and we are happy to have partners like Samsung in making this possible,” said Dr Ow Chee Chung, Executive Director, SPD.

Major milestones of this fund will include familiarisation and training for selected games and 50 players; software and hardware customisation of games; and a proposed Enabled Cyber Gamer tournament component at next year’s World Cyber Gamers Singapore National Final. The first phase of the overall development in 2006 will see organisers working towards the inclusion of physically disabled people.

Showcasing at the Samsung’s exhibition booth #6-01 are some game controllers customised or adapted for physically disabled gamers on the Xbox and PC. There will also be set times where members of the public can play Halo 2, Dead or Alive Ultimate and Need for Speed Underground 2 with the customised controllers.

“We believe that technology can help level the playing field. Today’s collaboration for new assistive technology and Enabled Cyber Gamer tournament reinforces this. We hope to promote better understanding between disabled and non-disabled people, and provide alternative sources of education, inclusive fun and friendship for people from all walks of life, added Mr Kim Jeong-Wook, Managing Director, Electronics Business Division, Samsung Asia.

“Since my stroke, I find it hard to play some games which require speed and hand coordination. With the new game controller, I can challenge my friends on Halo 2. It’s a lot more exciting!

Now I look forward to getting together with friends and gaming in my free time,” said 23-year-old George Ng, who works as a digital artist at SPD’s Multimedia Centre.