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Financial Planning Tips for Caregivers
Caring for someone with special needs may make it seem impossible to set aside funds for the future. Caregivers may feel stuck in a vicious cycle of debt and feeling [...]
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Happy Valentine’s Day!
This Valentine's Day, whether you choose to be a volunteer or make a single donation in someone’s honour, there is no gesture too big or too small that will help [...]
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Singapore Ranked 46th in the World in Giving Over the Last Decade
Singapore ranked 46th in the world in giving over the last decade. Find out more on Singaporeans' trend of giving over the past 10 years.
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Common Knee Injuries and Treatment
In this last article in the series of sports injuries, SPD's physiotherapist Gerda de Jong explains more on two common knee injuries when playing sports.
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UNLABEL – A Public Education Campaign by SPD to Change Attitudes
In conjunction with International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3 December, we collaborated with SMRT to launch the UNLABEL campaign. Read more about the campaign here.
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Behind the Scenes – What Goes Behind the Assembling of Race Packs
Our Sheltered Workshop programme have packed and delivered more than 141,000 race packs for 13 runs and walks this year. Find out more on what goes on in the workshop [...]
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In Conversation with Avid Supporter – Tony Gui
Mr Tony Gui is the Chairman of the Social Impact Committee of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Singapore (HPE). We find out from him how his volunteering journey with SPD began.
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Four Reasons to Still Send Greeting Cards
E-mails and instant messaging platforms have made greetings on birthdays or festive occasions so much easier, but here are some reasons why we think sending out printed greeting cards is [...]
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – David Tan
Despite his deteriorating vision and losing his job in his mid-50s, David Tan chose to stay positive and prepares himself to take up new challenges. Read his story here.
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Deepavali Treats – Pooja’s Bread Cutlet and Shahi Tukda
For this Deepavali, Day Activity Centre training officer Pooja, shares with us recipes of her two favourite bread-based treats that you could try at home.
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