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How to Engage Your Child at Home
Children learn more when they are actively engaged with their environment. SPD’s early intervention teacher, Hoo Lee Pin, shares some tips on how to engage with your child at home.
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Ergonomics in the Workplace
SPD’s occupational therapist, Lavanitha Roshan, shares some tips on adjusting your workstation to reduce stiffness and aches in your neck and shoulders after sitting for long hours.
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Caregiving Stress and How to Cope with It
Caregiving can be a fulfilling experience, but also stressful at times. SPD client Sia Jin Zhu shared some tips to cope with caregiving stress she has read on and observed.
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SPD Gives Back to the Community
We are thankful to our donors, volunteers and partners who supported us. In gratitude, our staff spent a day helping out at other community organisations over the past few months.
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Back-to-School – Tips to A Successful First Day of School
The new school year is starting soon. Here are a few tips from our teachers at SPD Ability Centre to help parents prepare their child for a new school year.
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SPD celebrates the graduation of over 100 children attending EIPIC
Over 100 children and their caregivers celebrated the completion of the EIPIC programme at the annual graduation ceremony held on 28 November. Read more here.
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Enhancement of the SPD Sheltered Workshop with Keppel’s Support
The SPD Sheltered Workshop will be enhanced with Keppel’s support. Read more about the partnership here.
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The Gift of Love from a Foster Mother
Mdm Saharah, Juraimi's foster mother, opened her home and heart without hesitation to a child with cerebral palsy 19 years ago. Read more of their story here.
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SPD Receives Charity Transparency Award for the Fourth Year
SPD is proud to be conferred the Charity Transparency Award for the fourth consecutive year since its introduction in 2016.
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SPD and Keppel collaborate to enhance SPD Sheltered Workshop
Keppel Group commits $500,000 and contributes capabilities to strengthen the SPD Sheltered Workshop.
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