Big Mouse Pointer – A Review

One of the things that we can’t do without when it comes to using the computer is the mouse and its cursor.

mouse and its cursorOne of the things that we can’t do without when it comes to using the computer is the mouse and its cursor. People who are unable to see the standard cursor will then need to find the cursor that is suitable for them before they can even use the computer efficiently.

While looking around for cursors that are big enough for some of our clients, we came across this programme called “Big Mouse Pointer”. This programme was not made as an AT, but it served the purpose well. We used it with a few of our clients, and after some adjustments to the settings, they could see the mouse with no problem.

Unlike many computer programmes, the Big Mouse Pointer does not need to be installed. The user can just download the files and run it. This means that it can be used no matter which version of Windows is used.

Program icon will reside in your system trayWhen the programme is run, it will reside in the computer’s system tray. Just click on the icon to open it and change how the cursor looks. The programme adds an arrow under the default mouse cursor. It is this arrow that you will be changing.

The colour and size of the cursor can be changed. There is a whole range of colours that you can change the cursor to, and the size ranges from small to “don’t be stupid” which is about half the screen in size.

colors for the cursor

Colours for the cursor

 mouse cursor in miniscule size

Mouse cursor in miniscule size

 Mouse cursor in Large size

Mouse cursor in Large size

Overall, we like the flexibility and the ease-of-use of this programme. Best of all, this is a shareware, which means it is free. Anyone who is interested in the Big Mouse Pointer can download it from here.


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