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Our First Ever Young Adult AAC Event
The Specialised Assistive Technology Centre (ATC), SPD held their first ever Young Adult AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) Event on the 27th of October, 2017. Get the scoop here...
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A Tribute to all AAC Users and the efforts of their tireless Caregivers
In honour of International AAC Awareness Month, here's a video montage of our amazing AAC users in action!
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A Voice of His Own
See Sayfullah on his journey towards finding a voice of his own. 
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‘I’ve got a lot to say!’ — An AAC party to remember!
Here's an insight into the first ever AAC Party hosted in Tech Able @The Enabing Village for our young clients with Complex Communication Needs.
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AAC – Using Mainstream Technology
It is now becoming increasingly possible for individuals to use their mainstream devices as an assistive technology device.
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Partner Assisted Scanning – Back to Basics
Partner Assisted Scanning is a technique that can be used with a child or adult who is not able to use direct selection as a method.
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Never Too Early to Start – AT for Young Children
When should you start using AT? Can AT benefit very young children? What type of AT should be used?
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‘Hero Creator’ – Apps for Facilitating Communication
The Hero Creator enables an individual to create Super Heros which are realistic and adult-like. 
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