Creating an Inclusive Workforce
The mindset of an employer is pivotal to the establishment of an inclusive workforce. Job accommodation will also provide the foundation for one that is robust and sustainable in the [...]
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Children with Special Needs – Learning the Alphabet
Generally, commercially available software cannot be customised to show only letters from a person’s name. So what do you do when one of the learning goals for a child on [...]
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Children with Special Needs – Moving the Mouse
For most people, it is easy to relate that moving the computer mouse moves the cursor on the screen. But this is not so for many of the children in [...]
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Children with Special Needs – Mouse Training
So, you have assessed a child with special needs for mouse access, and have figured out what can help them. Now what do you do?
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Big Mouse Pointer – A Review
One of the things that we can’t do without when it comes to using the computer is the mouse and its cursor.
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Windows Accessibility
Did you know that there are many accessibility features in your computer's operating system that allow persons with disabilities to use the computer more efficiently?
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Assistive Technology Enables Independence After Spinal Cord Injury
Eve was refered for an AT assessment to see whether she would be able to access the computer as she wanted to be able to communicate with her friends on [...]
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