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Many Came Together to Support SPD Flag Day 2019
About 950 SPD staff and volunteers braved the hot weather on 6 April to collect donations island-wide on SPD’s Flag Day. Thank you for your efforts!
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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – How to Prevent It?
Shoulder impingement syndrome results in painful movements of the shoulder. Here are some steps that you can take so as not to let the pain keep you from doing activities [...]
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Noraisha binte Mohamed
It has been sudden and without preamble from being a healthy person to having to relearn how to walk. However, Aisha reminds herself to always stay positive. Aisha shares more [...]
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Promoting Disability Inclusion One Deck at a Time
A group of youths came up with a card game to help primary school students understand disability in an interesting way. Find out how to play the card game here.
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Youths with Disabilities Engendering Positive Social Change
Through the Youth Development Programme, youths with and without disabilities worked together to develop projects to promote greater social inclusion. Read more about their ideas here.
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Autism Awareness Day Special – Math Wizard Lionel Lee
Though Lionel Lee has Asperger’s Syndrome, he does well academically, enjoyed track and field, and completed National Service. Lionel shares his strengths and struggles on this World Autism Awareness Day.
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Social Work Mythbusters
In conjunction with Social Work Day on 19 March 2019, find out more from our social workers as they debunk some myths about their profession.
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SPD Charity Show 2019 – Behind the Scenes
Our clients stepped out of their comfort zone and into the limelight to showcase their abilities in the SPD Charity Show 2019. Let’s take a look behind the scenes.
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Where Storybook Characters Come to ‘Live’
The children from Building Bridges EIPIC Centres at SPD were elated as storybook characters came to life during a performance-based storytelling workshop. Read more of their excitement here.
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Children benefiting from EIPIC Under-2s and DS-Plus
SPD piloted the two new programmes, EIPIC Under-2s and Development Support (DS)-Plus. Read more on how Thaen Aiyen and Elijah Lim have improved under the programmes.
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