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About our ‘AAC – Skills and Strategies’ Course


Individuals who have Complex Communication Needs (CCN) often face significant challenges in learning, participation, social and cognitive development. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) provides the means for these individuals to express themselves. Practitioners, though, may find that they lack the skills to be able to implement AAC successfully with their clients with CCN.

This course provides skills, strategies, resources and tools for the professional to begin implementing AAC with their clients.

During the course, participants will be provided with a framework for AAC intervention and be exposed to components of AAC assessment. Alternative access methods, including switches and scanning will be explored. Case studies will also be used to help participants understand how these strategies and skills can be practically implemented. Participants will be encouraged to discuss experiences from their own practice.

Course Outline

  1. AAC, communication and language explained
  2. AAC and the SETT Framework
  3. AAC Assessment components
  4. AAC Intervention Strategies
  5. Overview of switches and scanning
  6. AAC in specific settings
  7. Case studies and hands on with AAC systems

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in:
 hands-on experiential learning’ time to explore the AAC devices 
√ exchange of ideas regarding real-life case studies in small group discussions 
√ opportunities to engage in professional networking

Date   04 Dec 2018
Time  9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Course Fees
  S$535.00 per participant (including GST)
S$374.50 (After 30% VCF subsidy for Singaporeans & PRs)
S$481.50 (After 10% VCF subsidy for non-Singaporeans)
VCF Subsidy only applicable for NCSS member VWOs

Venue  SPD Ability Centre
             2 Peng Nguan Street
             Singapore 168955

 special education teachers,
 teacher-aides, 
 therapists, 
 caregivers and 
 professionals working with learners and other individuals with Complex Communication Needs who would like to learn strategies to implement AAC within their settings

Pre-requisites  Preferably have attended ‘Introduction to AAC

Tel: 64730446 

Ms. Sarah Yong
Manager, Clinical Services
Assistive Technology Specialist
Speech Therapist
Specialised ATC, SPD

Ms. Deborah Yong
Speech Therapist
Assistive Technology Specialist
Specialised ATC, SPD

Ms. Sim Mariam Mohd
Assistive Technology Specialist
Specialised ATC, SPD

About the Training organisation

The Specialised Assistive Technology Centre (SATC) in SPD provides assessments and training for people with disabilities who need Assistive Technology. It also provides training for professionals in VWOs and other organisations who are working with these PWDs. The ATC team comprises specialists from therapy, educational and engineering backgrounds who have worked with individuals who need AAC from a range of disability groups. ‘AAC – Skills and Strategies’ is part of the ‘AAC Training Series’ that the SATC offers to provide practitioners with the necessary skills to begin implementing AAC in their settings.

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