Development Support/Learning Support

The Development Support and Learning Support (DS-LS) programme was introduced in 2011 to support children in pre-schools who have mild learning difficulties, speech and language delays, and behavioural concerns. Carried out at the child’s preschool, DSP provides learning support and therapy intervention with the aim of improving his/her readiness for formal education and helping the child develop socialisation and classroom participation skills. Professional support is also given to pre-school operators, teachers, and parents to better equip them with skills to meet the special needs of the children under their care. This was previously known as Development Support Programme (DSP).

To help children optimise their learning in their pre-schools, the DS-LS aims to support children in the following developmental areas:

  • Speech and Language
  • Social-communication
  • Fine motor and handwriting
  • Gross motor and co-ordination
  • Attention and concentration
  • Learning and literacy
  • Social and emotional

Operating from SPD@Jurong and SPD@Tampines, our teams comprise of speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, learning support facilitators, educational psychologists, learning support educators and social workers.

To apply

Parents who are interested can approach their respective pre-school or contact our centres for more information. Fees are determined by the MSF Means Testing, hence caregivers are required to submit the following prior to admission:

  1. Child’s birth certificate and an identity card-sized photo
  2. NRIC and income statement/payslips of all members living in the same household

Please contact us here.