01 Dec - 2006
Obtech Charity Golf 2006
  • Dec 01, 2006 to Dec 01, 2006

Obtech will be organising its first Charity Golf event to raise funds for SPD, its adopted beneficiary for this event. Fulfilling its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen, the organization will rally its business partners to raise funds to help pave the way to a brighter future through education, for students in mainstream schools with physical disabilities and students with parents who are disabled. It hopes to raise $100,000 for SPD’s Education Bursary Award. Obtech, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation of Japan was established in 1996 to provide systems integration solutions for manufacturing companies.

11 Nov - 2006
Expand Your Wealth 2006 Seminar
  • Nov 11, 2006 to Nov 11, 2006

Price: $50 (public), $30 (students)

Speakers at a half-day seminar will present on a range of topics, from personal development to investment, financial planning and entrepreneurship. Featuring established professionals such as Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim (Gentlewarrior Farmer), Dr Reto Callegari (Executive Director and Mentor, Investments & Entrepreneurship) and Mr Jack Sim (World Toilet Organization), amongst others, it is organised in aid of the Society for the Physically Disabled, by the Rotary Club of Singapore Bugis Junction.

21 Sep - 2006

Organised by the Society for the Physically Disabled, the two-day Assistive Technology Workshop will introduce the various accessibility & mobility technologies and applications that can be adapted and used at home, work and for leisure. The workshop will focus on practical approaches and tips on using these technologies.

This interactive workshop will include experienced AT practitioners from Australia, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia who will share insights on their personal experiences and practical approaches to resolving challenges. Participants will include therapists, practitioners, researches, students and our clients.

Key representatives of selected AT vendors/manufacturers will also be represented, with scheduled hands-on demonstration sessions for participants to learn how to operate the products.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate and upgrade your AT skill and knowledge through industry expertise. Seats are limited so register early to avoid disappointment.

Workshop Fees:

Category Fee per day
VWO (local) $10
Students / SPD Clients & caregivers $10
Public $25
Wheelchair Enabler Competition Participants $5
03 Sep - 2006
Amazing Wheelchair Race
  • Sep 03, 2006 to Sep 03, 2006

The Amazing Wheelchair Race is a fun-filled race consisting of games and activities, with the MRT as the main mode of transport from one point to the next. Eighty participants from JCs and tertiary institutions are to pair up and navigate their way through a series of challenges with a catch – one of them must be on a wheelchair throughout the race! Inventiveness, creativity and a learning attitude will get you ahead! Winners stand to win up to $1000 in prize money.


The race hopes to increase awareness about the daily challenges faced by people with physical disabilities in Singapore. Through the race, it is hoped that participants and the public will be more informed about the accessibility and transport issues they face, and make effort to integrate them as part of the community.

The Amazing Wheelchair Race is a joint collaboration by The Society for the Physically Disabled and Nanyang Technological University’s Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Club.

12 Aug - 2006
Workshop for Educators
  • Aug 12, 2006 to Aug 12, 2006


The workshop aims to help you have a better understanding about students with physical disability who are studying in mainstream school.  The workshop further illustrates the support these students require to achieve their fullest potential.

The highlights of the workshop:

  • Overview of Singapore’s system of supporting students with physical disability

  • The Western Australia’s experience on inclusion

  • Harnessing on Assistive Technology for learning and access to IT

  • Tips on adaptation strategies in physical education and outdoor activities

  • Overcoming physical barriers

  • Sharing of personal experience by a university student with disability and a caregiver

  • A school’s experience

Who should attend:

All mainstream educators from pre- schools and university who wish to learn and understand how to support students with physical disability effectively.

29 Jul - 2006
Annual General Meeting
  • Jul 29, 2006 to Jul 29, 2014

Registration and lunch reception starts at 12.30pm, the AGM at 1.30pm. For enquiries, You may also fax or send us your enquiries or confirmation of your attendance at 6323 7008 or Society for the Physically Disabled, No. 2 Peng Nguan Street, SPD Ability Centre, Singapore 168955.


15 Jul - 2006
SPD Flag Day
  • Jul 15, 2006 to Jul 15, 2006

Looking to give of your time and effort to a worthy cause? SPD’s annual Flag Day is coming up in July 2006 and volunteers would be needed to help raise funds for our beneficiaries who come to SPD for rehabilitation and training. Our programmes and services include education and social service support, rehabilitation, employment, vocational training and assistive technology consultation, amongst others.

Time slots: Shift 1 (10am to 3pm)  
                 Shift 2 (12nn to 5pm)        
                 Shift 3 (2pm to 6pm) 

Locations: Island-wide 

23 Jun - 2006

Let your imagination run wild with the designs on display and find out how dynamic works of digital art – displayed on their own or applied on a variety of lifestyle products – can further enhance and colour your life.

Digital Diversity – Art of the Metropolis, DASE’s debut exhibition, is a celebration of diversity and creativity, a discovery of the ways in which digital art can be used to reflect influences of Metropolitan culture in their applications on merchandise of daily use.

The exhibition is also an effort to support and raise awareness for physically challenged but artistically talented artists – all artworks on exhibit are created by artists from SPD.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with the National Library’s Month for The Arts as an effort to promote awareness and appreciation for digital art and its versatility as a cross-genre art medium.

The DASE exhibition will be launched on 23 June 2006. Artworks will be on display for public viewing till 2 July.

For more information, visit the DASE website at 

20 Jun - 2006
Robotics Workshop for students
  • Jun 20, 2006 to Jun 20, 2006

At the Robotics workshop, learn how to build robots and programme it to move in a variety of ways. Students will learn how to construct and build secure robots using the LEGO mindstorms set, and will be introduced to basic Robolab programming. By the end of the workshop, students will be able to programme their robot to move forwards and backwards, and also know the methods to turn it around. Infra-red transmission will also be covered.

31 May - 2006
Sensory Modulation Workshop
  • May 31, 2006 to May 31, 2006

SPD is jointly organizing two workshops on Sensory Modulation with Dynamics OTC Pte Ltd – a therapy centre for kids, and Zee School – a preschool and kindergarten that provides inclusive education program. Targeting parents, educators, therapists, psychologists and medical professional, the workshops will be conducted by visiting experts Dr. Orit Goldenberg Bart and Mrs Gila Rabinovich from Israel who have extensive experience and specialize in working with infants and premature babies in pediatric rehabilitation setting.

We would like to seek your assistance to disseminate the course information to your staff and parents who may benefit from this course.

Workshop for Professionals:

Title : Solving the Sensory Modulation Riddle: Beyond Sensory Integration
Date : 30 – 31 March 2006 (Thursday and Friday)
Time : 9.00am – 5.15pm

Workshop for Parents and Teachers:

Title : Solving the Sensory Modulation Riddle: Beyond Sensory Integration
Date : 1 April 2006 (Saturday)
Time : 2.00pm – 5.00pm

To find out more information about our work with children and youth with special needs, visit our websites at
Dynamics OTC Pte Ltd :
Zee School :

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