01 Dec - 2007
Brewerkz Charity Drive
  • Dec 01, 2007 to Dec 01, 2007

In celebration of Brewerkz’s 10th Anniversary, a special beer is handcrafted for the occasion. The Amber Wheat is on sale from Dec 2007 to Feb 2008. During this period, for every pint sold, $1 will be donated to SPD, Brewerkz’s chosen charity for this fundraising event.

01 Dec - 2007
International Volunteer Day
  • Dec 01, 2007 to Dec 01, 2007

SPD will mark the International Volunteer Day by launching a Volunteer Handbook. A special movie screening of ‘Enchanted’ is exclusively for SPD’s volunteers. This event aims to pay tribute to SPD’s volunteers for their effort and contributions to SPD.

11 Oct - 2007
ObTech Charity Golf 2007
  • Oct 11, 2007 to Oct 11, 2007

Golf for a good cause! Obtech, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation of Japan established in 1996 to provide systems integration solutions for manufacturing companies, will organise its second Charity Golf event to raise funds for SPD, its adopted beneficiary for this event. Fulfilling its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen, all net proceeds collected will be donated to the Children and Youth Services programme at SPD to help students in mainstream schools and students whose parents are disabled. Join us now in supporting this worthy cause by donating or sponsoring a flight! Full amounts donated are eligible for double tax deduction.


11.30am:Registration & Lunch1.00pm:Shot-gun starts7.00pm:Dinner & Prize presentation & Lucky Draw

The charity golf flights available for sponsorship are:

  • Diamond – S$8,000(inclusive of 2 flights)
  • Platinum – S$5,000 (inclusive of 2 flights)
  • Gold – S$3,000 (inclusive of 1 flight)
  • Silver – S$1,500 (inclusive of 1 flight)

Please visit for more information.

06 Oct - 2007

Caregivers are people who provide care and support to those with disability/mental illness/chronic condition or who are frail and aged. For the help they give, they need to care for themselves too. SPD is pleased to organise a free public seminar for all caregivers, with the aim of promoting the importance of taking care of caregivers as worthy individuals. This programme consists of a series of talks which offers tips on how caregivers can manage their health and well-being. There will also be a free health screening and fitness assessment and buffet lunch served.


Health and Fitness Screening, 健康检查

9.30 am – 3.00pm SATA Mobile Team and SPD Professional Therapists

Caring for Yourself – Self Care Tips for Caregivers
(in English)

10.30am – 11.15am Mr Keith Tan, HPB representative


11.15am – 12.15pm 李保卿医师中华医院

Nutrition Essentials for You and Your family
(in English)


Dr Clarence Yeo, Killiney Family & Wellness Clinic,
SATA representative

简介乐龄社区服务与 ICS 网站 (中文)

1.45pm–2.05pm 张立贤小姐,黄爱伦先生 Integrated CareServices (ICS)
15 Jul - 2007
SPD Charity Show 2007 真情无障爱 2007
  • Jul 15, 2007 to Jul 22, 2007

Catch our repeat telecast of the first-ever SPD Charity Show on Channel 8 at 3.30pm on 22 July 2007! Lines are open till 22 July 2007, so do continue to call in to support us!

Performances during the show included witty Chinese crosstalk by MediaCorp DJs, creative hand dances by MediaCorp artistes, campus superstar finalists, hip hop performances and a mini-musical by the cast of Toy Factory Production’s Big Fool Lee. World-famous veteran singers such as Liu San Jie (黄婉秋), Alan Tam (谭咏麟), Zhou Zhi Ping (周治平) and Tong An Ge (童安格) belted out their old and new hits.

The purpose of the show is to raise funds for our programmes and services, as well as to increase awareness of SPD. Through the show, we aim to highlight the abilities of people with physical disabilities, and to correct the mindset that disabled persons cannot contribute to the community.


Update 27/02/2019

Find out more about the latest SPD Charity Show 2019 happening on 17 March 2019 here!

30 Jun - 2007
Official Opening of SPD@Tampines Centre
  • Jun 30, 2007 to Jun 30, 2007

Our new regional centre SPD@Tampines will be launched on 30 June 2007. With the number of clients having grown almost two-fold over the last three years, we are extending our services. Our new centre SPD@Tampines will provide affordable and quality community rehabilitation, social support and other services to those staying in the east. Bringing our services closer to our clients’ homes will better meet the needs of our clients.

31 Jan - 2007
Digital Art Exhibition
  • Jan 31, 2007 to Jan 31, 2007

Get a glimpse into the world of 15 physically disabled artists through their digital art pieces.  The artwork, available for purchase, will be displayed at The Art Loft for the month of January.


Mondays to Friday, 8.30am to 7pm

Saturdays, 8.30am to 6pm 

Holidays, 10am to 6pm

27 Jan - 2007
SPD Education Programme 2007
  • Jan 27, 2007 to Jan 27, 2007

Over 200 students with physical disabilities or who have parents who are physically disabled received bursary awards to help them along their educational journey for the year. The award was part of the SPD Education Programme that aims to ensure the holistic, physical, mental and social wellbeing of disabled students.

01 Dec - 2006
Obtech Charity Golf 2006
  • Dec 01, 2006 to Dec 01, 2006

Obtech will be organising its first Charity Golf event to raise funds for SPD, its adopted beneficiary for this event. Fulfilling its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen, the organization will rally its business partners to raise funds to help pave the way to a brighter future through education, for students in mainstream schools with physical disabilities and students with parents who are disabled. It hopes to raise $100,000 for SPD’s Education Bursary Award. Obtech, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation of Japan was established in 1996 to provide systems integration solutions for manufacturing companies.

11 Nov - 2006
Expand Your Wealth 2006 Seminar
  • Nov 11, 2006 to Nov 11, 2006

Price: $50 (public), $30 (students)

Speakers at a half-day seminar will present on a range of topics, from personal development to investment, financial planning and entrepreneurship. Featuring established professionals such as Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim (Gentlewarrior Farmer), Dr Reto Callegari (Executive Director and Mentor, Investments & Entrepreneurship) and Mr Jack Sim (World Toilet Organization), amongst others, it is organised in aid of the Society for the Physically Disabled, by the Rotary Club of Singapore Bugis Junction.

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