Get to Know Our team This Professionals’ Day

Team SPD comprises of professionals with different skills from different backgrounds. We bring out each other’s strengths and work as a team to enable our clients to realise their full [...]

Team SPD comprises of professionals with different skills from different backgrounds. We bring out each other’s strengths and work as a team to enable our clients to realise their full potential, as well as value add to their journey towards independence.

In conjunction with SPD Professionals’ Day, which falls on the first Friday of every September, we got a few members of Team SPD to share their thoughts and experience working with us.

Alvin Tan, social worker

Social worker Alvin in black long sleeve shirt, with mountains and greenery in the background

“As a people person, I always knew that I wanted a career that encompasses helping others. Like many people, I was once under the impression that social workers simply provide financial assistance to those in need. Today, as a registered social worker in the SPD Day Activity Centre (DAC), I hope to help correct this misconception. Apart from financial assessment and assistance, my role also requires me at maximise my clients’ potential for participation in community programmes by harnessing support from their family and community. This includes conducting comprehensive assessment and having a good understanding of every client’s family setup, home environment and available community resources. Moreover, there is ample support, training and opportunities from SPD while I work with clients of various age groups, which helps greatly in building up staff confidence.”

Lee Meiyi, senior EIPIC teacher

Teacher Mei Yi sitting on a red mat in a classroom setting, working on an activity with a young girl

“Working with children has always been my dream. At SPD, I’ve uplifted the lives of children with developmental needs and their families through early intervention support. SPD also invests in my growth through professional development opportunities such as supporting my pursuit of a specialist diploma in special needs. My career here has been nothing short of fulfilling, and I look forward to contributing to the inclusive education ecosystem.”

Saxena Chandhok Tanushree, speech therapist

Speech therapist Tanushree in black S P D corporate tee

“At SPD, I’ve come to be a part of a close-knit group of professionals who are deeply committed to serving clients and caregivers! As a therapist, SPD’s Therapy Hub has provided me with a safe space to continue to gain new experiences and skills; and connect with like-minded colleagues. The support from and interaction with colleagues across disciplines, gives new perspectives and ensures that there is always something new to learn! The learning never stops, and as a therapist that’s what I believe is truly important!”

Lavanitha D/O Roshan, occupational therapist

Occupational therapist Lavanitha in blue and white S P D service tee with some greenery as background

“It has been a fulfilling experience working in SPD. Every day we work together to identify and address each client’s individual needs so that they can lead their life to the fullest. I am glad to be part of a team of professionals that work together with the aim of providing holistic care for our clients.”

Lin Jinyi, cluster head, internal DRC and DAC

Cluster head Jing Yi in blue and white S P D service tee

“Being in the SPD Therapy Hub, I get to explore different rehab settings across the island via various projects. It is good exposure for someone like me who is curious about the services available in Intermediate And Long-Term Care settings. Most importantly, I get to know of all the different lunch places all around Singapore!”

Abdul Rahim Bin Kassim, employment and training executive 

Employment and training executive  Abdul Rahim in blue and white S P D service tee, standing with arms crossed

“I was formerly working at a multinational information technology company and used to volunteer as a trainer. It was something I enjoyed doing, and I love sharing my knowledge with others. I then began working towards becoming a certified trainer and I joined SPD 2 years ago. My trainees comprise of people with different needs and learning abilities, therefore I do adapt my teaching methods to accommodate them. I realised that they really want to learn, open up and embrace technology. They are as eager to pick up knowledge as much as anybody else. I’m always fulfilled when the trainees enjoy my classes, gain knowledge, and appreciate me for it. If someone can use the knowledge I teach and use it to perform their job well, that for me is a success story!”

Adeline Tan, partnerships manager

Partnerships manager Adeline in black long sleeve blouse, sitting in front of a monitor showing S P D Ability Walk and Run webpage

“I was previously working in various industries but wanted a more meaningful career. I jumped at the opportunity to join SPD and, till today, I enjoy what I am doing. I like interacting with people and connecting them to the cause they care about.”

Thamaraivalli Narayanan, senior training officer

Training officer Valli walking with D A C client and another training officer, all smiling

“More than ten years on, it is still the warmth and cheerful nature of my clients that keeps me going. Their gestures to express affection stay etched in my mind and they are what drive me to work every day.”

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