Her Eyes are the Windows to the World

Vivian demonstrates using the eye-gaze system to access her laptop, run her online store, play games and connect with her friends.

Some of you may have read about Vivian Goh and supported her online store. This jovial young lady has spinal muscular atrophy and is unable to move her limbs and body.

We caught up with Vivian recently, and found out that not only is she a JJ Lin fan, there is also a reason why her spectacles frame has only one temple. In this episode of “Have a SPlenDid Day”, Vivian shows us what an expert she has become in using the eye-gaze system on her laptop to run her online store, play games and connect with her friends.


The “Have a SPlenDid Day” series shares the changes or adaptations persons with different abilities make in their everyday lives. We hope this sharing of their experiences can generate positive discussions on disabilities, as well as ideas on how certain routines and activities of daily living can be made better or easier. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube @SPDSingapore today!

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