HEY – How arE You? (Part 3) – Stay Healthy @ Home

In this installment of the HEY - How arE You series, we share with you good and healthy habits on how to stay healthy at home.

During this period, awareness of leading a healthy lifestyle seems to be at an almost all-time-high, where there is a global consensus on the critical role it has to play now and in the days to come.

Although we are distancing from others, there are still ways to remain active and healthy at home by maintaining an active lifestyle, sticking to a balanced diet, abiding by good hygiene practices, and ensuring that you stay well-rested.

Join us as we continue to keep our body and mind in peak condition. Who knows, there can be some good and healthy habits to come out of this experience, so let us try to make the best of the situation we are all in together! Check out this list of activities we have curated for you to do while working from home.

Tips on keeping active and healthy at home
Tips to stay motivated



Tips on working ergonomically
Tips on eating better


Safety first!

We hope this infographic and the activities list have been useful for you.

Look out for the last installment for our 4-Part HEY series next week!