“I just wish for him to be healthy, strong and to continue laughing” – Two…

Living with Cerebral Palsy and Microcephaly, Coen needs assistance in his mobility and communication. To that end, his two older sisters, Olivia and Isabelle, are his firm pillars of support [...]

Watching the recent Paralympic Games left 12-year-old Olivia Cheng (right in cover photo) feeling inspired and moved. As she marvelled at the tenacity and passion shown by the para-athletes, she hopes and believes that one day, her younger brother Coen could be one of them.

“One of my hopes for Coen is to be able to join the Paralympic Games and be supported around the world,” said Olivia, who has no doubt that Coen can achieve this. After all, Coen is one resilient young boy to her. Coen’s other sister, Isabelle concurred, as she described Coen as a strong and happy child.

Coen, Olivia and Isabelle sitting on the sofa and holding up a handmade flag of Singapore

Living with Cerebral Palsy and Microcephaly, Coen needs assistance in his mobility and communication. To that end, his two older sisters are his firm pillars of support besides his other family members.  

“We support Coen by carrying him, playing with him and making him laugh,” said 10-year-old Isabelle.  “Since he is unable to speak, we help him to express his feelings or translate for him if anyone is unable to understand him. When Coen cries, I would ask for others’ help to play with him or coax him,” added Olivia.

Coen, Olivia and Isabelle sitting on the sofa holding up their red packets

During play time, the sisters’ love for Coen is evident when their selection of toys is geared towards Coen’s preference – toys that move or have music.

“He likes to laugh and smile at me when he plays with me. Whenever he laughs at me, I feel happy, and it warms my heart. I love his chubby cheeks too,” shared Isabelle.

Coen sitting on a swing

Coen’s laughter seems to have a magical effect on his sisters as they unanimously agree that it is one of their favourite things about Coen. Apart from his cuteness, of course.

Wishing for her brother to continue laughing and be happy as he is now, Olivia’s other wish is for Coen to be able to talk to her one day.

As for Isabelle, she hopes that Coen would be able to join a mainstream primary school and be able to communicate with her. “It would be good if he could tease me too,” added Isabelle.

When asked what she wish for Coen to say to her, Isabelle’s answer was a simple one.

Hello and I love you.

As we celebrate the enduring bond between siblings this Children’s Day, we encourage you to join us in showing appreciation to the siblings in your life. Catch the video interviews of other Super Siblings here.

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