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In conjunction with Labour Day, a few SPD clients and staff share their thoughts on working and being employed.

In conjunction with Labour Day, a few SPD clients and staff share their thoughts on working and being employed.

Employment Support Programme client, Azhari Bin Adam, who has visual impairment, is currently working in Watsons, a health and beauty retailer, as a customer service assistant. “Learning new things, having the sense of satisfaction when customers are happy and achieving sales targets are what I like most about my job,” said Azhari.

He believes that having a disability does not mean that one is not abled. To him, this job meant a lot as “it shows that persons with disabilities can work and achieve their career goals in life”.

Azhari Bin Adam at his workplace
Azhari Bin Adam at his workplace

Zakiyah Binte Zanial has cerebral palsy and visual impairment. A part-time administrative officer with voluntary welfare organisation, Iyad Perdaus, Zakiyah similarly felt that being employed is significant to her. “I can be independent financially and help my family to ease our daily expenses,” she said.

Zakiyah Binte Zanial (left) and Alan Soh
Zakiyah Binte Zanial (left) and Alan Soh

Alan Soh, who has hearing loss, is in a customer service role at Changi Airport Group. As a people-oriented person, he sees his job as helping others. “Employment gives me a sense of purpose, while at the same time, provides me with opportunities to accumulate hands-on experience and learn new things from the people around me,” he said. “I also get to know more of my own competency and develop greater confidence from there,” he added.

Jane Yeo is a stroke survivor and an administrative executive at SPD. She handles the applications for the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities and NatSteel-SPD Education Programme Bursary Award. She enjoys meeting youths with disabilities through her work and always encourages them to chase their dreams.

Jane at SPD
Jane at SPD

“As a stroke survivor, it took a lot of courage to accept my acquired disability and be on my feet again. It took greater courage to go further and find a job. So, I hope that employers will give persons with disabilities a chance at employment as we want to be contributing members of society,” said Jane.

Research has shown that employing persons with disabilities makes a good business case while employees with disabilities experience enhanced self-confidence, expanded social network and an improved quality of life. We hope that more employers will open their doors to hiring persons with disabilities.

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