Introducing New Technology to Enhance Communication with Caregivers

A system was developed to improve communication between staff and caregivers on the learning needs of the child, allowing the resources to be shared. An Individualised Educational Plan and progress [...]

Key Takeaways

  • Littlelives improves communications between staff and caregivers on the learning needs of the child
  • Parents benefited from the new launch of the system effectively

In May 2018, SPD introduced the pre-school management system, Littlelives to strengthen communications between professionals and caregivers in the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC).

Littlelives is a system that streamlines administrative processes and facilitate parent-school communication through technology.

An example of the attendance page teachers uses to update the child’s attendance. (Source:

Our EIPIC teachers and administrative staff use the system to manage the children’s records, update daily attendance, and upload the children’s Individualised Education Plan (IEP). The team tapped on the system to post newsletters and resources for caregivers. Caregivers also use the system to track their child’s learning progress at the centre through photos, videos and reports uploaded onto the application.

The attendance, portfolio and report functions are available for the staff to update the child’s progress report and media. For the caregivers, they can access the profile page where caregivers can view their child’s Individualised Educational Plan and progress report and view the bulletin board where new information and updates are posted.

“This system provides a common platform for the EIPIC team to communicate with the family and caregiver on the child’s learning needs and progress. It also enables the team to record and retrieve information needed in a timely manner to provide quality care and support to all children,” said Ms Becky Hoo, Director of Children Services.

Parents and caregivers are able to access the updates posted by the professionals through a mobile application called Little Family Room.

Through the application, they will receive regular updates of their child’s learning moments and the centre’s activities.

Caregivers were at the briefing sessions to better understand the Littlelives system.

Leading to the launch of the system, briefing sessions were conducted to help parents better understand the system’s features and navigation.

Social work assistant Michelle Tham from SPD@Bedok noted the way the system had improved the communication with parents and caregivers. “We are now able to give timely updates to parents on their child’s learning progress and share resources with them more effectively. The parents from our centre are very excited to receive more updates through the application,” she said.

“We are very much impressed and delighted with the portal. It is very useful and exciting too. We look forward [to receiving] photos and videos [of our child],” said Mrs Retuya Judy Ann, a parent whose child attends EIPIC at SPD Ability Centre.