June Break Activities

It’s the June holidays and we check out some of the activities organised for our younger clients so far!

It’s the June holidays and we check out some of the activities organised for our younger clients so far!

A Game of Archery Tag for Our Students
True to the group’s ethos, volunteers from the Freedom Adventure Club (FAC) never fail to introduce new and exciting experiences when they organise activities for our clients.

This June holiday, FAC transformed the car park at SPD Ability Centre into an exciting gaming arena for Archery Tag. Fourteen clients from the SPD Education Programme and their siblings felt adrenaline coursing through their body as they battled out in this game of dodgeball, paintball and archery all rolled into one.

“We could see how excited the children were when they were gearing up for the game. It is an entirely new experience for them and we are happy they could go back to school and share with their friends something new that they have tried during the holidays,”

said Chng Chin Soon, who leads FAC.

Playtime for Children, Time-Out for Caregivers
Children from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre had play dates with some canine friends from the Therapy Dogs Singapore (TDS) on 7 June at the SPD Ability Centre. More than just play, the children were also working on their fine- and gross-motor skills as they walked and played with the dogs.

Knowing that caregiving duties usually take up most of the caregivers’ time and leaving them with little or no time for exercising, the EIPIC team organised a Zumba dance session for the caregivers on 9 June. As they sweat it out in the hour-long session, the EIPIC teachers took over the reins and engaged the children in arts and crafts. Caregivers then joined their children in a banana chocolate crepe making session to wrap up the day.

Let’s Play at the New Inclusive Playground
A new inclusive playground opens at Ghim Moh on 28 May, and 3-year-old Aradhana was among those who visited and enjoyed the afternoon with her friends from the Building Bridges EIPIC centres.

Senior EIPIC teacher, Arnold Chua, who was there with the children at the opening of the Ghim Moh inclusive playground, said: “Almost all children enjoy playing at playgrounds – not only the physical activities, but the social interactions with their peers as well. So happy to see all the children, with or without special needs, having fun together.”