Meet the Specialised ATC Team

The Inclusive Technology Portal is managed by a team of specialists who are trained and specialise in various areas of Assistive Technology (AT) and Digital Inclusion.


Ivan is a Senior Manager of the Specialised ATC, SPD. He has seen the world of technology redefine itself over the years. He started his working career as a research & design engineer, designing prototypes and programming user interfaces. He later discovered his passion for teaching, and went on to lecture at a local polytechnic. With over two decades of training, coaching, and curriculum design, Ivan appreciates how technology plays an integral part of lifelong learning. Ivan currently helms the Specialised Assistive Technology Centre located at Tech Able, an integrated Assistive Technology (AT) Centre showcasing innovations in AT and ICT while offering clinical AT assessments and training in the use of AT to persons with disabilities. Some of the initiatives he is currently engaged in are Web Accessibility, Universal Design in Learning, and Job Accommodations for persons with disabilities.


Sarah is an AT SpecialistSarah is an AT Specialist who specialises in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). She has an ATP certification from RESNA and is actively involved in the International Society for AAC (ISAAC). She is also the clinical head of the Specialised ATC at SPD. A speech therapist by training, Sarah is passionate about empowering individuals with complex communication needs so that they can find their ‘voice’ through AAC. She has presented in numerous conferences and been the lead investigator in several studies including one on peer mediated AAC in the Classroom.


Chuan Hoh specialises in AT applications

Chuan Hoh specialises in AT applications for people with neurological and musculoskeletal dysfunctions with a focus on computer access technologies. He is an assistive technology specialist at the Specialised Assistive Technology Centre (ATC). An occupational therapist by training, he is a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), awarded by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) since 2005. Chuan Hoh is currently working with special education schools to develop ‘Train the Trainer’ modules to integrate computer access AT in the classroom.


Pei Yun is an assistive technology specialist. An engineer by training, Pei Yun’s interest is in how infocomm technology (ICT) can be made more accessible to individuals with disabilities. She also is interested in how AT devices can be adapted and customised to better meet the needs of the users.


Deborah is a Speech-Language Therapist/AT Specialist who works in the field of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC). She has practised in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, providing intervention for individuals with speech, language and communication disorders in the hospital setting and in the community. Deborah currently works with individuals with complex communication needs and their parents, teachers, and/or support personnel on integrating AAC systems into the home and school environment to empower them to communicate effectively. She enjoys coaching parents in strategies to facilitate AAC usage at home, conducting group therapy sessions and planning AAC parties! She believes that everyone deserves and wants to be heard.

Yu Yuan has worked with adult and geriatric populations in various settings such as day rehabilitation centres and nursing homes. She has been working with clients in the field of assistive technology since 2015, specifically in wheelchair assessment, fitting of wheelchair seating and providing education and outreach in the areas of wheelchair mobility and accessibility for the community. Yu Yuan also has a special interest in rehabilitation outcomes for persons with low vision and providing visual services for our senior population.

Keng Hock is an AT Specialist who is an Electronic Engineer by training. He works with People with Disabilities pertaining to how technology can assist them in overcoming barriers and unlocking their potentials. Areas of work include helping clients (visual, hearing, physically and sensory impaired) to seek employment / conduct workplace accommodation, and also providing client computer access assessment and training. He takes particular interest in eye gaze technology and its evolution, as he believes its potential to improve the lives of the severely impaired are truly boundless.



Mariam is a National Institute of Education-trained teacher who currently serves as an AT Specialist at the Specialised Assistive Technology Centre, SPD Singapore. She is a part of the Specialised ATC’s interdisciplinary team, providing AT support and literacy learning intervention for clients with complex communication needs. Mariam’s key focus is developing educator/caregiver training and supports—both for mainstream and SpEd schools—to adopt practical approaches in implementing technologies in school and at home to enhance learning, and to advise on classroom assessment adaptations. She provides training and public awareness workshops on assistive and learning technologies and is actively seeking collaborative opportunities to help students with SEN achieve success.

Picture of our lovely and talented admin executive, Kelly Chua, holding an SPD donation tin and smiling sweetly
Picture of our lovely and talented Admin Executive, Kelly, holding an SPD donation tin and smiling sweetly.












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