Newly Reconstructed Resource Library to Aid Teachers in Lesson Preparation

With the help of Ms Ang Pei Lin, an intern from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, SPD was able to reorganise their library to make it more user friendly.

Key takeaways:

  • The newly revamped resources library has been reorganised to aid caretakers and teachers in constructing their lesson plans in a shorter time
  • The library is now more accessible and user friendly. Caretakers who wish to access it may go to the portal or call the number to get access to it.

With the help of Ms Ang Pei Lin, an intern from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, SPD was able to reorganise their library to make it more user friendly. The lesson plans are categorised into three levels of difficulty ranging from basic concepts with visual cues to abstract concepts with little to no visual cues. Thus allowing SPD to cater to each individual’s learning abilities. The resources found in the EIPIC library are easily accessible not just through the library itself but through an online portal where other caretakers may get access to by calling 6579 0784 to enquire.

The revamping of the SPD EIPIC resource library, led by Ms Ang Pei Lin and her team of volunteers, teachers and staff took a whoping two months to complete. During the course of her six-month internship at SPD, Pei Lin, a child psychology and early education student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic noticed caregivers and teachers struggling to find resources for their lesson plan. To make this process less taxing on her and her team, Pei Lin decided to embark on a mission to reorganise and revamp the EIPIC resource library.

Now, the resource library holds an extensive collection of teaching materials that are grouped into folders and categorised according to topics and themes. Teachers & caretakers can also choose from a multitude of folders comprising of different topics based on the aptitude and progress of their students. These learning materials aid the children in their understanding and makes learning fun and interactive for them.

Some of the thematic folders available at the resource library.

While the resource library was previously stocked with a good collection of teaching aids, they were not categorised in an orderly manner. Teachers often struggled to find the materials needed for their lessons and the library was overall not very user-friendly. Now, you can find Pei Lin’s fruits of labour currently being enjoyed by teachers & caregivers with materials colour coded according to their learners’ abilities.

The revamped resource library is now more user-friendly.

Level 1 [Green]: Basic concepts and visual cues

This level is identified with green stickers. It is the most basic folder with very simple concepts and words for beginners.

Level 2 [Yellow]: Visual cues with words

It gets more difficult for the students at level 2. The teachers begin linking the pictures with the words. This level is identified with yellow stickers.

Level 3 [Red]: Abstract concepts and minimal or no visual cues

Level 3 is the highest level available in the resource library and is catered for students at an advanced level. There are minimal visual cues and more concepts to grasp. This level is identified with red stickers.

Teachers and the children can both benefit from the indications and clear instructions from this system.

“With the resource library system set up, it is more organised and easier to access learning materials. Apart from it being used by the teachers in school, the system also encourages parents to work with their child at home. The parents are able to reserve the folder tasks online and collect during sessions,” said Ang Su Ling, an assistant teacher.

If you’re a caregiver looking to borrow the resources from the comfort of your own home, you may do so from an online lending site entitled which allows for the viewing and the reserving of folders. Once you have made a reservation, you may head down to the relevant Building Bridges EIPIC Centre to collect the resources. Should you require more information on the portal, you may contact us at 6579 0784.