Wheelchair user looks to fulfilling a long-held dream at this year’s SPD Ability Walk &…
A viral infection to the brain which happened after training for a charity run 24 years ago upended Terance's life. After a two-week coma, Terance woke up to find that the condition had affected his ability to walk, talk and perform daily activities. But today, [...]
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What does Singapore mean to you?
In celebration of our nation’s 57th birthday, we asked some of our clients, caregivers and volunteers to share their thoughts about what Singapore meant to them.
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Using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Cycling in Restorative Therapy for Persons with Mobility Challenges
Functional electrical stimulation involves sending low-current electrical pulses via electrodes on paralysed or deconditioned muscles to produce muscle contractions during a purposeful movement, such as stepping, cycling and walking, or reaching and picking an item up.
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