Quiet Strengths

Touched by what he saw after watching the SPD Charity Show 2013 in March, Mr Richard Gavriel, director of Richard Gavriel Speaker Management Pte Ltd, had a discussion with his [...]

From left: SPD’s executive director Mr Abhimanyau Pal, Mr Kamaruddin bin Ahmad, 938Live DJ Ms Cassandra Rudge

Mr Kamaruddin bin Ahmad was a diligent manager in a popular restaurant chain who often received glowing testimonials for his hard work and service skills. He was also passionate and active in sports. However, all these changed when he had to amputate his left leg in 2010 due to diabetes.

The 57-year-old found it difficult to accept the reality and was not ready to face the world with his newly-fitted prosthetic limb and walking aid. Thankfully, it did not take very long for Kamaruddin to straighten his thinking. The bachelor knew that life had to go on and he could not allow himself to be a burden to his family, especially his single-parent sister whom he was staying with.

At that point, he decided to put his extensive work experience to good use. Having realised he would have to take up a more sedentary job following his amputation, he took the first step by enrolling in SPD’s Certification in Office Skills, known as IT Training and Apprenticeship (ITAP) then, to equip himself with IT competencies for handing jobs in office administration. After the completion of his training, he registered with SPD’s Employment Support Programme and was shortly hired by an international engineering company to provide administrative support where he continues to work today.

In his quiet ways, Kamaruddin demonstrates strength and tenacity in overcoming his disability and making the best of the situation.

On the evening of 21 June, Kamaruddin shared his story on ‘Between Us’, a live radio programme on MediaCorp radio station 938Live. He hopes to inspire those in similar circumstances to never give up on themselves.

Kamaruddin shared his story on ‘Between Us’, a live radio programme on MediaCorp radio station 938Live.

“I definitely miss doing those things that I could do before the amputation. But I have also gained much. I see much care and compassion around me – from my family and friends, and even from strangers who are there with a ready helping hand. Support is out there, but you must help yourself by reaching out for it. There is life after disability. Live it to the fullest,” he said.

SPD’s executive director, Mr Abhimanyau Pal, also joined Kamaruddin on the programme to highlight some of the organisation’s efforts to enable people with disabilities and helping them integrate into the community.