SPD Ability Walk & Run: Helping More to Become Self-Reliant and Independent

With her new scooter, Sheltered Workshop trainee Tan Bee Lian, has been out more often and will be going for her first SPD Ability Walk & Run. Read more here.

51-year-old Tan Bee Lian has been out pretty often in recent months and will be going for her first SPD Ability Walk & Run soon. The cheerful SPD Sheltered Workshop trainee with a toothy grin loves to explore different parts of Singapore.

It was not possible previously as Bee Lian has cerebral palsy, which caused her movements to be limited. She had to use a rollator to move about and even so, it would be painfully slow. Wheelchair would be an option but, she had to depend highly on her neighbours, friends and brother to help push her along.

Bee Lian at SPD Sheltered Workshop
Bee Lian at SPD Sheltered Workshop

Last year, Bee Lian purchased a scooter at a subsidised rate by tapping on the Assistive Technology Fund (ATF). Bee Lian underwent assessment and training at the Specialised Assistive Technology Centre where she became proficient in operating the scooter safely.

Bee Lian is now able to go out on her own with her friends and for grocery shopping. Empowered by her new found independence, Bee Lian had even signed up for the upcoming SPD Ability Walk & Run, which would be her first, on Sunday 1 September.

Into its fourth year, the SPD Ability Walk & Run is an event aimed at providing opportunities for everyone of different abilities to interact with one another and serves to promote inclusion and raise awareness of disabilities. The funds raised will be channelled to help over 9,500 people with disabilities access the programmes and services offered at SPD.

Bee Lian is one such beneficiary as she received vocational training at SPD’s Sheltered Workshop, support from SPD’s professionals and subsidised assessment and training for the use of her scooter.

Help more persons with disabilities like Bee Lian become more self-reliant and independent by signing up for the SPD Ability Walk & Run at https://spd.org.sg/spd-ability-walk-run-2019/ today!