Certis Partners SPD to Launch New Initiative to Empower Persons with Disabilities for a More…

Holistic suite of employment opportunities, engagement activities and enrichment sessions developed in support of persons with disabilities

Holistic suite of employment opportunities, engagement activities and enrichment sessions developed in support of persons with disabilities


Singapore, 19 August 2020 – Certis, Asia’s leading advanced security services provider today announced its partnership with SPD, a local disability-focused charity, as part of our ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive society that supports persons with disabilities. Called Breaking Barriers, this new initiative aims to inspire hope and positivity across the community by empowering and engaging persons with disabilities through suitable employment opportunities and a series of engagement activities. Concurrently, Breaking Barriers also seeks to enrich the knowledge and competencies of Certis security officers in engaging and communicating with persons with disabilities through disability awareness training sessions. Certis will be also donating $20,000 to support SPD as it navigates through these challenging times.

2          Certis’ Senior Vice President, Head, Group Human Resources, Corporate Planning, Group Communications and Marketing, Mr Tan Toi Chia said: “During these difficult times, Certis remains committed to standing in solidarity with the community as we cope with unprecedented challenges brought upon by this pandemic. Through the Breaking Barriers initiative, we seek to continue to make a positive impact in the community by spreading hope and cheer to help those in need, and building an inclusive society. In the spirit of volunteerism, our employees are also as committed to join the programme and uplift the well-being of those under the care of SPD.”

3          Chief Executive Officer of SPD Mr Abhimanyau Pal said: “We thank Certis for sharing SPD’s vision and working with us to empower persons with disabilities. Charities have always relied on the support of corporates and individuals to carry out our mission, which is why we are grateful for and encouraged by the multifaceted support offered by Certis, especially in this current economic climate. We hope to see more companies like Certis coming forward to help ensure that persons with special needs in our community continue to be supported and are cared for during this tough time.”


Empowering Persons with Disabilities with Meaningful and Purpose-Driven Jobs

4          Certis plays a key role in supporting Singapore’s fight against COVID-19. Mr Loo Poh Thye, 53 years old, and a stroke survivor, and 27-year-old Ms J P Thanumadhya, who has physical disability, recently joined Certis’ Integrated Quarantine Operations Services as call centre operators in July 2020. Both Mr Loo and Ms Thanumadhya work part-time, four days a week on a 12-hour shift. As call operators, they are entrusted with the tasks to call persons under quarantine (PUQ) to check on their health and well-being. They also help to assist the PUQs with matters such as getting medical assistance (For more details, please refer to Annex A).


Engaging Persons with Disabilities through Fitness, Art and Music

5          Under the Breaking Barriers Initiative, Certis will also launch a series of virtual activities to be held over the next six months to boost the mental and physical well-being of persons with disabilities. These activities include light fitness workouts, arts and craft classes and music sessions. Certis employees located globally in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, China and the Middle East can now befriend and engage SPD beneficiaries. This benefits them as they currently have little opportunity to socialise with other members of the public due to mobility restrictions and safe distancing measures. For a start, the light fitness workout will focus on upper body movements which takes into consideration the mobility challenges of the persons with disabilities.


Enriching Employees with Knowledge and Competencies to Care and Support  

6          To promote inclusivity and a better understanding towards persons with disabilities, all Certis security personnel in Singapore will be required to undergo disability awareness training. This training will be conducted by Certis Corporate University Trainers, who recently completed their Train-the-Trainers programme by SPD.  With disability awareness infused into their basic training curriculum, these officers will be well-equipped with the knowledge and competencies to care and support persons with disabilities on the job.

7          The classes will comprise training on common types of disabilities ranging from physical to neurodevelopment disorders. For example, all trainees will learn how assistive technology such as wheelchairs, tactile guides, guide dogs and hearing aids can support persons with disabilities. As part of the curriculum, they are required to complete scenario-based exercises.

8          This is organised as part of Certis’ commitment to develop an empathetic and well-rounded security workforce who are deployed at sites such as major transport hubs, retail malls, government and healthcare institutions.




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