SPD-APB Foundation Scholarship Awards 2005 – Address by Mr Koh Poh Tiong

Good morning,

Mr Heng Chee How, Minister of State for Trade and Industry and National Development, and Mayor of Central Singapore District,

Mr See Cher, President of the Society for the Physically Disabled,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I take great pleasure to be able to join all of you here today in the presentation ceremony for the SPD-Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarships and would like to congratulate two outstanding individuals – Jan Lee and Liew Chong Heng, for attaining the Scholarship this year.

Into its second year now, the SPD-Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship has, without a doubt, been attracting applications from a group of students with extremely high calibre and it is always a difficult decision when it comes to selecting the most qualified amongst them.

Nevertheless, what particularly impressed the selection panel this year about these two young men, besides their excellent academic results, are two strengths that are strikingly apparent in them….their perseverance and a burning desire to succeed. Both Jan and Chong Heng had applied for the Scholarship last year. When they applied for it again this year, they surprised some members of the selection panel with their confidence and youthful optimism – qualities that seemingly were not there last year. Evidently, they have succeeded in proving to the panel this time round that they deserve this Scholarship. Indeed, there is a key lesson that we can learn from Jan and Chong Heng – that is to continue to strive for our very best in spite of the constant trials and challenges that life throws at us.

These are also the very qualities that were displayed in the three students who were awarded the Scholarships last year. I am glad to learn that Nurulasyiqah Mohammad Taha, Liew Chong Choon and Cai Zhenquan have continued to excel in their studies and at the same time, taken time to contribute to their institutions and the society in their own ways – the very basis why they are worthy of this Scholarship.

Through setting up this Scholarship with the SPD, Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation hopes to underline the importance of a good education. For the physically-challenged, a good education is the key to leading financially-independent lives and contributing as full and active members of the society. This Scholarship accords them with the due credit and recognition that they deserve but more importantly, we hope it will encourage them to make a mark for themselves and inspire their counterparts to follow suit as well. I would like to urge all scholars to excel in their degree programmes and move on to carving rewarding careers in time to come.

Congratulations once again to all the scholars!

Thank you.