SPD Charity Bake Sale with a Difference

For the first time, the SPD Charity Bake Sale has curated a list of home bakers that includes bakers with disabilities such as a one-handed baker, a stroke survivor, a [...]

One-handed baker, stroke survivor and elderly kueh-maker among 23 bakers participating in the fundraiser

SINGAPORE, 23 May 2022 – For the first time, the SPD Charity Bake Sale has curated a list of home bakers that includes bakers with disabilities such as a one-handed baker, a stroke survivor, a baking enthusiast with a disability as well as an elderly kueh-maker.

The SPD Charity Bake Sale was started in 2020 during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with popular home baker @dorisgoz to support SPD’s fundraising efforts when organising physical events was not possible. Since its inception, more than 30 home bakers have come forward with their signature delights such as cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, jelly cakes, macarons and more to raise more than $18,700 that went towards the running of SPD’s programmes and services during the difficult period.

The SPD Charity Bake Sale has grown steadily over the last two years. In this fourth edition which will kick off on 23 May 2022, 23 bakers have come on board including home bakers with disabilities.

“We are very grateful to this community of bakers, past and present, whose participation has opened up new opportunities for us. We hope members of the public will be equally excited about the new offerings we have put together this round and support this fundraiser,” said Ms Helen Tay, assistant director of Resource Development, SPD.

The home bakers will be donating at least 20% of their earnings during the event period to SPD.  Taking the opportunity to raise disability awareness, the bakers will include in every purchase a simplified communication board that some individuals with speech impairments may use to communicate with others.

SPD Charity Bake Sale 2022

Sale period: 23 May 2022 – 30 June 2022

Event page:  spd.org.sg/events/spd-june-charity-bake-sale-2022

Profiles of home bakers with disabilities and an elderly kueh maker

Kelvin Leong – One-handed baker creates fusion flavoured cookies

Photo credit: Kelvin Leong

Kelvin had a stroke when he was only in his 30’s which affected his left arm and leg. Then a real estate agent, he spent a year undergoing various therapy sessions at the SPD Rehabilitation Centre before going back to work. Cheery with a positive attitude, Kelvin started baking cheesecakes during the Circuit Breaker period as property viewings were restricted. He is now known as the ‘baker’ in the stroke community and he has gone on to create cookies infused with popular tastes such as kopi siew dai and thai milk tea. This is the 10th year since his stroke and Kelvin looks forward to giving back to the community.

Agnes Lee – Marathoner, stroke survivor and her wholesome bakes

Photo credit: Agnes Lee

Agnes struggled to regain her mobility after a debilitating stroke in 2017. It came as a shock as the former make-up trainer was an avid marathon runner and led an active lifestyle. She recuperated well enough in late 2020 to start making and selling savoury yam and carrot cakes, and Basque burnt cheesecakes from home. It was her way to being more independent and it has even become a family bonding activity for her foodie husband and three children. Agnes saw the good during her stint and now wants to give back through the bake sale.

Pearl Lee – Switching from business consulting to home baking

Photo credit: Rice Media

Pearl has severe scoliosis and restrictive lung disease which affects her breathing. She was formerly a community and partnership manager for a global community platform for HR professionals but recently jumped out of it early this year to fulfill her dream of being a business owner. Pearl set up a consultation business as well as creating sourdough bakes and kombucha on the side.

Mdm Koh Mang Joo – 80-year-old auntie spreads kindness with her Teochew kueh

Photo credit: Joo’s Kueh

Mdm Koh (centre) and her younger sisters started Joo’s Kueh, a home-based business specialising in png kueh, when last year’s heightened measures kicked in. Png kueh is a savoury peach-shaped dumpling of Teochew origin that contains glutinous rice, peanuts, mushrooms and dried shrimps The 80-year-old had picked up kueh-making skills from her maternal grandmother when she was 12, with the special png kueh recipe the one she remembers most fondly. With the support of family and friends, Joo’s Kueh rolled out various charity initiatives, including donation of kuehs to charities, of which SPD was one of the beneficiaries last September.