SPD Charity Show 2009 – SPD thanks all supporters for making its charity show a success

7 December 2009 – Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) is pleased to have achieved its $2.8 million target through the SPD Charity Show. The $3.1 million raised has contributed significantly to its overall fundraising target of $4.6 million this year.

The success of the show comes despite the fact that the economy has not fully recovered. Ms Chia Yong Yong, President of SPD, said: “It has been a tough year for everyone on the fundraising front and we are thankful that donors have been very generous. We sincerely thank all partners, donors, volunteers and supporters who helped make the show a success. The public’s confidence reaffirms the work of SPD. We are greatly encouraged and motivated by the public’s response and will continue to strive to break barriers against and unlock the potentials of people with disabilities. We look forward to their continued support as we work towards raising the funds needed for the year”

From 11 November to the end of the show on 6 December 2009, donors made contributions of $6, $15, $38 and $100 by calling 4 telepoll hotline numbers. For each call made, an administration fee of $0.20 was levied with GST chargeable only on this fee, and not on the donated amount.

Funds raised from the show will help more than 2,500 people with disabilities the organisation is currently serving through its programmes and services. It projects to help 2,800 by the end of March 2010.

The public can still call the charity show hotline numbers to support people with physical disabilities. The hotlines are open till 13 December. To make a contribution, call


1900-112 0303 for a $6 donation
1900-112 1313 for a $15 donation
1900-112 2323 for a $38 donation and
1900-112 3333 for a $100 donation

About the Society for the Physically Disabled

The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) is a voluntary welfare organisation that promotes the interest, welfare and advancement of people with disabilities, in particular working in partnership with people with physical disabilities to develop their potential to the fullest. Through programmes and services that encompass rehabilitation, vocational skills and IT training, educational support, employment, assistive technology, day care and social support, we seek to enable them to be self-reliant and independent. For more information, please visit: spd.org.sg.