SPD Contact Centre

Set up in 2022, the SPD Contact Centre provides training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in the contact centre industry. The centre is managed by industry veterans who are passionate about imparting knowledge and mentoring persons with disabilities under their charge.

Situated at the Enabling Village, the SPD Contact Centre offers a range of outsourced services such as:

  • Call management
  • E-mail management
  • Live chat support
  • Telesurvey and telemarketing
  • Appointment booking and confirmation
  • Data entry

Why Choose Us?

Personalised Service

We are a young start-up team backed by industry veterans, and this means we are able to adapt faster and work harder to meet your needs.


We work around the clock 24/7 to serve your business needs to save and provide you more time.

Custom Solutions

No two customers are the same and, in collaboration with our partners, we create bespoke solutions to meet your unique business requirements.


We keep you connected with your customers through our integrated omni-channel solutions for a seamless customer experience.

Business Continuity

Whether you are a local start-up or global MNC, we can support your business from our offices in different locations.

Economy of Scale

Through economy of scale, we pass the savings back to you.


“My team and I are happy with the good progress of our partnership with SPD in supporting some of our work areas. SPD staff and supervisors have put in significant effort to listen to VITAL’s needs so as to serve us better. VITAL also worked closely with SPD’s staff to provide the support needed for the work to be performed effectively, find alternative workarounds and solutions where needed. We hope to have a deeper collaboration with them in future.”

– Mr Dennis Lui, CE, VITAL

“VITAL embarked on a pilot project with SPD in October 2022 and engaged SPD Contact Centre to manage email enquiries. SPD assigned Athirah as our agent. While we experienced a slow start due to certain work accommodations required, this was quickly resolved. With the guidance and support from VITAL and Athirah’s supervisor, Athirah can now perform the work independently. Overall, we are satisfied with the service provided by SPD Contact Centre.”

– Tan Hwee Ching, Assistant Director of Service Partnership, VITAL

“Our company had a surge of enquiries during a point of time hence we engaged SPD Contact Centre to aid our team in our telemarketing and customer onboarding campaign. The SPD team and their supervisors were committed to providing quality customer service and going the extra mile, a very special mention to their staff Sally Teo (Customer Service Associate) that aided us on our projects and left a positive impression with our colleagues. Overall the team is proactive and strives  for excellence, constantly improving after every feedback session. We would certainly engage their service again in future.”

– Kester Leung, Journey Architect, Lylo

Contact us

To find out more about our programmes and services via e-mail at information@spd.org.sg today.