SPD Education Programme

The NatSteel-SPD Bursary Award is offered to students with physical or sensory disabilities from low-income families studying in mainstream schools.

We started the SPD Education Programme in 1985 to offer financial assistance to 25 students studying in mainstream schools. Today, the programme has evolved to become one that extends a holistic support to children with special needs.

The SPD Education Programme encompasses the bursary award, learning and development opportunities, and case management services.

Bursary award
The NatSteel-SPD Bursary Award is offered to students from low-income families studying in mainstream schools. Students must have a physical or sensory disability, i.e. hearing or visual impairments, to qualify. The quantum of the bursary are as such:

Educational Level Quantum of Bursary Disbursement Frequency
ITE $1,100 per year Twice per year
Pre-U/Junior College $700 per year Once a year
Secondary $500 per year Once a year
Primary $400 per year Once a year

Application for the NatSteel-SPD Bursary Award is now open. Complete this application form and submit it to us by 30 April 2022.

Please contact us here for enquiries.

Learning and development opportunities
Piquing young and curious minds, the SPD Education Programme provides learning and development opportunities to students through outings, camps, workshops and courses. In addition, we also conduct workshops and seminars for caregivers and teachers to guide them in communicating and managing children with special needs.

When necessary, primary and secondary school students from low-income families studying in mainstream schools also receive partial or fully sponsored private tuition.

Post-secondary school students also receive career counselling to help them identify their interests and abilities, as well as set future-oriented goals.

Case management
Our social workers and case management officers provide counselling and look into the social, financial and rehabilitation needs of students with disabilities. Support is also extended to the students’ families. The team helps recommend and co-ordinate specialised SPD services such as therapy, assistive technology, befriending and mentoring, if the students require them.

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