SPD Gives Back

In the last quarter of 2016, staff across the organisation took time to help out at other voluntary welfare organisations as part of our corporate social responsibility programme. In its [...]

In the last quarter of 2016, staff across the organisation took time to help out at other voluntary welfare organisations as part of our corporate social responsibility programme. In its second year, our staff were given one day to carry out their voluntary duties and carrying forward the goodwill that we have from the community.

SPD Rehabilitation Centre spends day with elderly from St Hilda’s Day Care Centre

Together with a corporate supporter, Wood Maxkenzie, 12 staff from our Rehabilitation Centre (SPD Ability Centre) brought elderly clients from St Hilda’s Day Care Centre to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay on 6 October.

“The CSR activity at the St Hilda’s Day Care Centre was a fruitful one. All of us agreed that the most meaningful part of the activity was to witness the joyful faces and fun interaction with the elderly,” said Isabelle Seah, Administrative Executive.

SPD@Toa Payoh visits Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged Sick

The Toa Payoh team of 25 brought much joy to the residents of Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged Sick on 7 October. They started with a morning exercise followed by games, an instant photo booth, refreshments, and ended the day with a dance item, Gangnam style. Donations were also collected from staff to prepare over 200 goodie bags containing daily necessities for the residents.

“Our team is very co-operative and we all helped with the execution of the various activities. This meaningful activity provides another platform for us to work together and contribute our little individual effort to the community. Great job, SPD@Toa Payoh!” enthused Lily Tan, Operations Executive.

Inclusion Advancement visits Peace Connect Senior Activity Centre at Kampong Glam

The Inclusion Advancement (IA) Division spent a fun-filled afternoon with about 30 seniors at Peace Connect Senior Activity Centre at Kampong Glam on 12 October. The centre looks after the interest of 1,000 low-income elderly residents living in rental blocks in Kampong Glam. Peace Connect also promotes a purposeful community life, mutual care and support among the residents.

Staff brought the seniors along a journey to reminisce their past through drawing of the places they frequented in their younger days, their favourite food and their wishes if they had a million dollars. The seniors were a cheerful lot and were enthusiastic in sharing their experiences with our younger folks. The seniors also got to enjoy tea-time snacks and drinks with our colleagues amidst the lively conversations. Through this activity, the IA Division hoped to have brought these seniors some fun and laughter for the day.

Corporate Services brings joy to elderly at Bright Hill Evergreen Home

The Corporate Services (CS) Division decided on volunteering at Bright Hill Evergreen Home (BHEH) on 14 October as the accessibility of the place also meant that two of our wheelchair-using colleagues could also participate.

They brought the residents to the nearby food court for their favourite breakfast, followed by grocery shopping at a nearby supermarket. The rewarding experience ended with the team hauling goodies their charges bought back to BHEH for a nice photoshoot.

Community Partnerships build bonds with residents at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital’s day care clients showed lots of love to SPD’s Community Partnerships team who visited them on 14 October and joined in their morning exercise routine, and enjoyed themselves tremendously. The team also gave out boxes of tissues to the clients, a necessity at the centre. The afternoon was spent bringing residents of the hospital to a nearby mall for their favourite food and shopping.

Sheltered Workshop helps out at The Salvation Army

Staff from the Sheltered Workshop shelved packing duties for the day on 14 October to help out with sorting out donated items that The Salvation Army received.

DAC drops in at Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre

The team from the Day Activity Centre dropped in at Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre (Commonwealth) on 14 October to entertain 30 elderly clients, who lived in the vicinity, with dancing, singing and games which the elderly participated with great enthusiasm.

Employment Support Programme with furry friends at Mutts & Mittens

Staff from the Employment Support Programme decided to serve animals for a change on 28 October as they volunteered at Mutts & Mittens, a commercial boarding facility involved in animal welfare work. Under their roof, a total of 71 rescued dogs, 50 cats and 10 rabbits (and counting) await new, loving homes.

Washing dog bowls, leaf raking and brushing the cattery cages were among some of the ways the team showed their care for these furry residents. But the team was told that the best gift they could offer was their time socialising with the cats and dogs at the shelter so as to make them feel loved and remembered.

Admin Executive Ruth Sze shared, “It was a good experience even though I am not much of an animal person. The smell in the compound was overpowering but that made me appreciate the passionate people working there.”

Willing Hearts opens doors to teams from SPD Therapy Hub, SPD@Bedok, SPD@Jurong and early intervention services

Staff from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre and Continuing Therapy Programme (CTP) at SPD Ability Centre, SPD@Jurong and SPD Therapy Hub came together to volunteer at Willing Hearts’ soup kitchen on 29 November.

They helped with the preparation, cooking and cleaning of food and utensils for the day. All hands were on deck to help prepare 20,000 sticks of satay and other dishes.

“I would like to thank the organising committee for helping us to arrange this session at Willing Hearts. It was a rewarding experience to be able to work alongside other volunteers who all looked so happy to be involved. We saw families coming with their children as well as students and the elderly giving their time to help. I salute all of them!” said Dawn Wee, Programme Head, EIPIC and CTP.

Another team from SPD@Bedok also visited Willing Hearts on 22 November 2016, many of whom were new to food preparation.

Senior Occupational Therapist Amitav Samajdar, who attended the CSR event the previous year, expressed delight and excitement in having gone again. He described the experience as fulfilling and meaningful and enjoyed the varied roles in the kitchen, and appreciated the fact that with minimal skills, one could still make a great impact in the community.