SPD Left Hand Challenge

45-year-old Terence is among the many individuals whom SPD is supporting. He studied interior design in the polytechnic and was offered the chance to go abroad for further studies. But when he was 23, Terence contracted Viral Encephalitis, a viral infection to the brain and lost his ability to walk, speak and control of his bladder.

Terence had to relearn everything at our day activity centre – walking, speaking and holding the pencil to draw again.

Every day, our therapists work with people with disabilities (PWD) like Terence to help them learn and maintain their functional mobility so as to perform daily tasks.

SPD is initiating the SPD Left Hand Challenge to encourage individuals like you to step into the shoes of a person with disability to experience and overcome one day-to-day challenge.

By doing so, you can not only raise awareness of these day-to-day challenges faced by people with disabilities but also raise much needed funds to help them access therapy services and care to learn how to overcome their challenges.

What kind of activities can you do?

You can do anything! – as long as you do it using your non-dominant hand

Our Challengers

 Stay tune to this space as we feature more activities done by various challengers.

Stickers for your stories

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  • Raise awareness on day-to-day challenges faced by people with disabilities
  • Raise funds to help people with disabilities access therapy services to overcome their challenges


 SPD aims to activate 2,000 participants from this campaign.


For more information,

Call 6579 0780 / 6579 0792 or contact us here. Please select “Events” in the Subject drop down menu in the contact form before clicking on the Submit button.