SPD Marks Healthy Lifestyle Day With A Scavenger Hunt

SPD Team 4 outside the shop 'We need a hero' along Eng Hoon Street

SPD Team 4 outside the shop ‘We need a hero’ along Eng Hoon Street

The SPD Healthy Lifestyle Day which took place on 12 July had a fun twist to it this year. Organised by the Technology & Vocational Training Division, the event took the form of a scavenger hunt involving the use of two popular social media tools – Facebook and Twitter.

When tasked to organise the event this year, the division saw the scavenger hunt not only as a potentially fun activity for all, but a good platform to integrate the use of technology – the area they are best at – into play as well. Training was provided to staff who were not familiar with Facebook and Twitter.

“Our aim was to involve and engage every staff in this event, and we managed to achieve it through technology and social media. And seeing the fun photos and crazy videos on the Facebook Group page made all the hard work worth it!” said Mr Ivan Tan, curriculum and training specialist at SPD’s Technology & Vocational Training Division, who was also part of the event’s organising committee.

Clues and missions were communicated to the 10 teams via Twitter during the two and a half hour scavenger hunt which covered a large area of the Tiong Bahru estate. The teams searched for landmarks in Tiong Bahru and shared their achievements at the various checkpoints through postings on Facebook.

It was an effective healthy lifestyle event as at the end of the hunt, all the teams had walked approximately 5km.

“I was quite surprised when we were told that we actually walked 5km! Interacting with colleagues and conquering every mission made the walk fun,” said human resource executive Ms Clarice Tan.