SPD celebrates the graduation of over 100 children attending EIPIC

Over 100 children and their caregivers celebrated the completion of the EIPIC programme at the annual graduation ceremony held on 28 November. Read more here.

More than 100 children from the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) from our four Building Bridges EIPIC centres and their caregivers celebrated the completion of the programme at the annual graduation ceremony held on 28 November.

This was the first time that our graduating children were dressed in graduation gowns, complete with the mortar boards, to mark this joyous occasion. The caregivers were beaming with pride as their children walked up the stage to receive their certificate. 60 per cent of the children will be progressing to mainstream primary schools, while the rest had applied to special education schools.

More than 100 children attending EIPIC celebrate their graduation from the programme
More than 100 children attending EIPIC celebrated their graduation from the programme

SPD’s board member, Professor Ho Lai Yun, graced the event as the Guest-of-Honour and gave encouragement to the children and their families in their advancement to the next phase of their education journey.

The children from the different Building Bridges EIPIC Centres also sang and danced to songs from Aladdin, Moana, The Jungle Book and The Lion King, to celebrate the achievements of their big brothers and sisters.

The children from EIPIC putting up a performance based on The Lion King movie
The children from EIPIC putting up a performance based on The Lion King movie

At the ceremony, we also took the opportunity to show our appreciation to 10 caregiver’s champions, who have been actively involved in their child’s intervention and leading caregivers’ projects in the respective centres.

Through the Caregiver’s Champion initiative that was started this year, we hope to build a peer support network for caregivers. In sharing her child’s journey at SPD, one of the caregiver’s champions Mdm Eryani said: “It has been a very enjoyable, enriching and exciting two years for my son, Adyn, and myself at SPD@Jurong.” She thanked the teachers, therapists and staff at SPD@Jurong and encouraged the graduating class of 2019 to continue striving on.

In appreciation to their parents and caregivers, the graduating children started preparing gift bags weeks ago to be presented during the ceremony. Using their creativity, they decorated the bags with drawings and paintings which surprised their parents.

Caregiver Mdm Barthi was touched seeing her child graduating. “It has been a memorable experience at SPD@Jurong. A journey this far wouldn’t have been made possible and so fruitful without the guidance of all teachers and staffs at SPD. Thank you all for the support and guidance that you have given to all the kids. Thank you once again and keep doing what you do best,” she shared.

We would like to thank Marco and Friends Pte Ltd and Republic Polytechnic for sponsoring this memorable ceremony and the wonderful venue for our successful EIPIC graduation ceremony.

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