SPD’s 2014 Calendar

A peek at one of the pages in the calendar

A peek at one of the pages in the calendar

2014 marks a momentous year for SPD as we celebrate 50 years of service to people with disabilities. In conjunction with our golden jubilee celebration next year, we are producing a desktop calendar with inclusion as its theme.

Amid the grind and demands of our daily responsibilities, it is easy to forget that we all play an important role in embracing people with disabilities in our community, a place in which they are a part of too.

Sporting a clean and uncluttered look, every month on the calendar carries an inspirational quote and image that encourage inclusion, integration and acceptance. The quotes serve as reminders of how we are all a part of, and not apart from, the society.

We are seeking 12 corporate donors to participate in this special fundraising drive by becoming a sponsor for one of the months on the calendar. For a contribution of $8,000, the company will be acknowledged on the page featuring the month that they are sponsoring. They will also be entitled to copies of the calendar for distribution to their staff and business partners.

Support a good cause and help spread the message of inclusion.

For more information on this fundraising drive, please contact Melissa at 6579 0794.