Stroke Survivor Learns to Cycle Again

During one of his rehabilitation sessions, Rayson, a stroke survivor thought how nice it would be if he could cycle again. However, it was a challenge as his sense of [...]

Rayson loves exercising. Prior to a mild stroke in September 2020, the 54-year-old played badminton, swam and cycled regularly. While recovering from the stroke, Rayson enrolled in SPD’s Transition to Employment (TTE) programme, which helped him to get stronger so that he could return to work.

During one of his rehabilitation sessions, Rayson thought how nice it would be if he could cycle again. It was to be challenging for Rayson as his sense of balance has been affected and he has difficulty with sequence planning of actions and co-ordinating movements, all of which are essential in riding a bicycle.

It took about two months for our therapists at the TTE to help him get back onto the bicycle and ride again, much to his excitement. Rayson and TTE physiotherapist Dylan share more about the experience in this first episode of the “Have a SPlenDid Day” series.

*The video was taken in April 2021, Rayson has since found employment and is supported by SPD’s TTE.


The “Have a SPlenDid Day” series shares the changes or adaptations persons with different abilities make in their everyday lives. We hope this sharing of their experiences can generate positive discussions on disabilities, as well as ideas on how certain routines and activities of daily living can be made better or easier. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube @SPDSingapore today!