Alternatives to Screen Time for Children
Parents handing over their mobile devices to their children to keep them quiet or occupied is a common sight these days. However, excessive use of this method for short-term peace [...]
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Screen Time and Children
As digital technologies increasingly become tools that we use at work and home, children inevitably seek to emulate this usage. Although technology has educational and other benefits for children, how [...]
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SPD Onward with Vision 2020
SPD’s executive director Mr Abhimanyau Pal kicked off this year’s Organisation Excellence Day at the MDIS campus auditorium on 31 March by sharing SPD’s journey over the past one year [...]
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Caregivers Loosen Up on Wellness Day
Create, Express, Relax - these words were central to the theme for this year’s Caregivers’ Wellness Day organised by SPD’s Community and Social Service Department (CSSD). Held at the SPD [...]
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A Day to Express Appreciation to Our Caregivers
The incidence and management of stress for those who care for people with special needs has received much media attention of late. However, management of caregivers’ stress requires a multi-pronged [...]
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