A giant of a man who uplifts children with disabilities
Prof Ho’s experience extends far beyond medicine. His name has come to be associated with early childhood education, early intervention and being child centric in the social service sector. Such [...]
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Attachment Stint for Primary School Educators to Promote Inclusive Classrooms
To be able to connect and bond with students under their charge would give many educators a huge sense of satisfaction. Two primary school teachers who participated in an attachment [...]
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Make Storytelling at Home Fun and Interactive for Your Child
Reading stories is a great way to engage and spend time with your child at home. SPD’s senior EIPIC teacher, Hasliah Hashim, shares some tips to help you get started.
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“I just wish for him to be healthy, strong and to continue laughing” – Two…
Living with Cerebral Palsy and Microcephaly, Coen needs assistance in his mobility and communication. To that end, his two older sisters, Olivia and Isabelle, are his firm pillars of support [...]
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Celebrating the Super Siblings of Children with Developmental Needs
This Children's Day, we shine the spotlight on siblings who play big roles in supporting our children with developmental needs. Our social work team interviewed and celebrated five pairs of [...]
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Supporting your Child’s Second-language Learning
Learning a second language presents many benefits and practical advantages. However, with more people using English as their main language, children have lower motivation and fewer opportunities to gain proficiency [...]
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Using Mealtimes to Support Language Development in Children
Parents can acquire and apply evidence-based language strategies that are effective in supporting the language development of young children with language delays. SPD’s speech therapist, Michelle Sim, shares some language [...]
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Preparing Your Child for a Swab Test
As more children may be receiving swab tests as part of the Government’s effort to identify and ringfence potential exposure to keep everyone safe, SPD’s occupational therapist, Genevieve Ng, shares [...]
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6 Benefits and Tips of Reading to Your Child
While children can learn to read independently, there is still value for parents to read to them.  SPD’s speech therapist Tan Jia Hui shares the benefits of reading to children [...]
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Tips for Having Successful Conversations with Children with Social Communication Difficulties
conversation skills may not develop naturally for everybody, such as for children with social communication difficulties. SPD’s speech therapist, Tan Jia Hui shares some strategies to improve your chances of [...]
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