Helping Caregivers of Persons with Special Needs Manage COVID-19 Protocols
People with special needs and their caregivers may have encountered challenges when complying with certain COVID-19 tests and protocols. Here are some pre-emptive measures which can help make some situations [...]
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59 SPD staff awarded the Singapore Health Quality Healthcare Heroes
59 SPD staff were awarded the COVID-19 Healthcare Hero Award at the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) – Special Edition 2021 ceremony on 29 March. Graced by Minister for [...]
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SPD Staff Take Their COVID-19 Vaccination
Identified as a one of the prioritised groups to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, our staff have been encouraged to sign up for the vaccination so that we can play our [...]
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Ensuring Continuity of Care Through Innovation
Remote support became part of the new normal for our professionals, especially when services were temporarily suspended during the circuit breaker period. In this video, our speech therapists share their insights, experiences and challenges adapting [...]
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Making Personal Sacrifices When Duty Calls
Back in May, Singapore saw many nursing home staff move to stay on-site or at designated facilities to safeguard the residents from COVID-19 transmission. SPD’s physiotherapist Chan Hui Mui, who [...]
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Activities to Reduce Screen Time for Children
Though technology can be an enabler when used appropriately and in moderation, parents need to be mindful that excessive screen time can adversely affect a child’s sleep, behaviour and even [...]
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The Continuing Therapy Programme Pilots Telepractice During Circuit Breaker
Following the temporary suspension of our centre-based services during the Circuit Breaker, SPD’s Continuing Therapy Programme (CTP) began piloting telepractice with clients and their caregivers. SPD CTP’s programme head and [...]
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Encouraging your child to wear a mask
With the lifting of the circuit breaker from 2 June, 2020, children will begin to return to their pre-schools and early intervention centres gradually. To prepare your child to return [...]
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Handling the Stress of Caregiving while Telecommuting
Caregivers who work in the day now have to telecommute from home. Caregivers of children with special needs can be highly stressed and will need respite and support over this [...]
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When Love for Family Comes First
For many of us, the circuit breaker measures in place till 1 June 2020 means being ‘confined’ at home a bit longer, not being able to meet our friends and [...]
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