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Meet our professionals – Female footballers amongst us
Meet our Day Activity Centre training officers, Shahidah Lam and Rena Lim, who are also part of a local Women’s Premier League football club.
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In Conversation with Day Activity Centre Training Officer – Neilson Millares
A dance enthusiast outside of work, Neilson can sometimes be seen busting those moves with our DAC clients as part of their music and movement activity. Read on to find [...]
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SPD Goes Purple in Support of The Purple Parade
We were excited to be a part of The Purple Parade's 10th anniversary this year. Here are some of the activities that took place at the event last month.
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SPD Celebrates Service Quality and Excellence
We are proud to share that we are recipients of 13 Awards at the Community Care Excellence Awards 2022, and a Commendation Award at the ECDA Awards for Excellence in [...]
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Volunteering at SPD has made me a better person
Our volunteer Ms Deepti Dongre, pens her reflections on her volunteering journey with SPD.
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Addressing Behavioural Concerns in Autistic Youth through Active Engagements
Not getting the snacks or drinks when he wanted them used to trigger meltdowns and self-injurious behaviours in Hong Yun. Read on to find out how the DAC team addresses [...]
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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and How We Can Help
The autism spectrum is wide and differs from person to person in severity and combinations of symptoms. Individuals with autism who receive timely and adequate support and intervention can develop [...]
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SPD at Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2020
SPD is proud to receive 32 awards at the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) this year. Congratulations to our 32 colleagues for their hard work and excellent service!
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The Gift of Love from a Foster Mother
Mdm Saharah, Juraimi's foster mother, opened her home and heart without hesitation to a child with cerebral palsy 19 years ago. Read more of their story here.
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In Conversation with Avid Supporter – Tony Gui
Mr Tony Gui is the Chairman of the Social Impact Committee of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Singapore (HPE). We find out from him how his volunteering journey with SPD began.
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