How parents can increase play engagement with their child
Play engagement between parents, the child and their siblings helps to create a relationship of trust and allow the child to learn and make sense of the world.
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Travelling with my child who requires additional support – What should I prepare?
Here are some some tips for parents who are planning on travelling with their child who either uses a mobility aid, is overly active, dislikes loud noises or crowded places, [...]
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Developing social skills in young children
Social skills are essential in helping children form positive and meaningful relationships with others, as well as navigate social situations. Speech therapist Danica Tan highlights the development of social skills [...]
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Show your child you love them, speak their love language
How do we show our love to our children in ways that they can feel it? Knowing their love language and using it to express our love can help us [...]
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Importance of vocabulary in the school-aged years
The size of a child’s vocabulary has been linked to overall school achievement both socially and academically. SPD speech therapists share tips on how parents can help their child expand [...]
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Improving your Child’s Visual Perception Skills
Visual perception skills are needed in daily routines such as reading, dressing and many other activities. Here are some tips to help our children overcome their visual perception challenges.
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Giving your child a JUMPstart
Jumping is a key skill that requires balance, coordination and body awareness. Our physiotherapist shares some tips to help your child learn jumping skills at home.
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Children’s Play: The Whys and Hows
Parents may be tempted to place more emphasis on academic learning or caregiving routines. However, young children learn most naturally through play. So, how important is play in a child’s [...]
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How Physiotherapy Helps 7-year-old Girl to Participate in Daily Activities
7-year-old Syaza has global developmental delay, movement disorder, as well as hearing loss and visual loss. Find out how the team of professionals at SPD's EIPIC help her to better [...]
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Attachment Stint for Primary School Educators to Promote Inclusive Classrooms
To be able to connect and bond with students under their charge would give many educators a huge sense of satisfaction. Two primary school teachers who participated in an attachment [...]
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