Is My Child Ready for Toilet Training? (Part 1)
Training your child to use the toilet is an exciting milestone for both child and parent alike. In this first of the two-part series, SPD’s occupational therapist Jahzeel Ann Adan [...]
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How to Improve Your Child’s Organisational Skills
Children who struggle with being organised often take a long time to find things that are needed or to complete their work, and is unaware of the things that are [...]
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Tips to Engage Your Child Meaningfully at Home
Participation in meaningful life activities plays an important role in the development of our children’s physical skills, social skills, and well-being, laying the foundations for their interpersonal development and school [...]
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Should W-Sitting Be A Cause for Concern for Parents?
With many differing views on this sitting position, parents are often confused about the impact of W-sitting on a child’s hips and legs development. SPD’s physiotherapist Cliodhna Kavanagh addresses the [...]
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Why Recognising Your Child’s Strengths is Important
SPD’s social worker Ong Xiu Hui shares why parenting should focus on the strengths of the child rather than his/her weaknesses.
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Caregivers Lauded for Their Resilience and Strength
We are proud to share that two of our caregivers from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at SPD@Bedok were among the 17 recipients of the SingHealth Inspirational Caregiver Award this [...]
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6 Benefits and Tips of Reading to Your Child
While children can learn to read independently, there is still value for parents to read to them.  SPD’s speech therapist Tan Jia Hui shares the benefits of reading to children [...]
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Meet Felicia Ng, the Educational Therapist (Professionals’ Day Special)
As an educational therapist, Felicia Ng supports pre-schoolers with learning difficulties, and often, family and community involvement are the key pieces that form a comprehensive ecosystem of care for the [...]
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Meet Elizabeth Samuel, the Teacher Aide (Professionals’ Day Special)
Teaching young children has always been the passion of teacher aide Elizabeth Samuel. With a heart for helping the special ones, this prompted Elizabeth to return to work at SPD [...]
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A Different Kind of National Day Celebration
This year's National Day celebrations at SPD were a muted but meaningful affair at our centres. Although the scaled-down celebrations may not be as boisterous as previous years, it has [...]
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