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Honouring mums of children with disabilities
The profound bond between mother and child is a silent language of unconditional love.
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Career switchers win coveted Outstanding Early Intervention Professional Award 2023
SPD's senior learning support educators Wai Ching and Jannah took a leap of faith on a career switch that allowed them to work with young children.
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A giant of a man who uplifts children with disabilities
Prof Ho’s experience extends far beyond medicine. His name has come to be associated with early childhood education, early intervention and being child centric in the social service sector. Such [...]
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Show your child you love them, speak their love language
How do we show our love to our children in ways that they can feel it? Knowing their love language and using it to express our love can help us [...]
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Helping 5-year-old Umar Learn Adaptive Living Skills
This Autism Awareness Month, we share the story of five-year-old Umar, and how our early intervention team supports him and his family in his learning and development.
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Kids Learning to Communicate Through Play
Play is an important part of a child’s learning and development journey. Our speech therapist Lynnette shares how parents can support their child in understanding and using language through play.
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Picky eating—How to Encourage Your Child to Eat a Range of Food
Do you find yourself having to prepare a different meal from the rest of the family for your child because he has specific food preferences? How do you encourage him [...]
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5 Fun Facts About Occupational Therapy
In celebration of Occupational Therapy Day on 11 January, our occupational therapists (OTs) share some interesting facts about their profession. 
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Improving your Child’s Visual Perception Skills
Visual perception skills are needed in daily routines such as reading, dressing and many other activities. Here are some tips to help our children overcome their visual perception challenges.
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SPD Celebrates Service Quality and Excellence
We are proud to share that we are recipients of 13 Awards at the Community Care Excellence Awards 2022, and a Commendation Award at the ECDA Awards for Excellence in [...]
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