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In Conversation with Occupational Therapist Grazel Ng
Senior occupational therapist (OT) Grazel Ng shares more of her role as an OT in supporting children with developmental needs at their preschools.
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Where Storybook Characters Come to ‘Live’
The children from Building Bridges EIPIC Centres at SPD were elated as storybook characters came to life during a performance-based storytelling workshop. Read more of their excitement here.
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Children benefiting from EIPIC Under-2s and DS-Plus
SPD piloted the two new programmes, EIPIC Under-2s and Development Support (DS)-Plus. Read more on how Thaen Aiyen and Elijah Lim have improved under the programmes.
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Two New Programmes for Children with Developmental Needs
The Government recently announced two new schemes and additional financial support for families with children with developmental needs. Find out more here.
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Structured Teaching – A Teaching Model for Caregivers
The "Gradual Release of Responsibility" model promotes the child’s independent learning. Learn more as SPD's early intervention teacher, Gerry Da, explains.
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A Peranakan Experience at the Museum
Children from the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at SPD’s headquarters in Tiong Bahru learnt about our Straits-born forefathers and their culture during an excursion to the Peranakan Museum on 6 [...]
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Learning Beyond the Classroom
November was another interesting and engaging month for the children at our Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at SPD’s headquarters in Tiong Bahru. Take a look at how the children spent [...]
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Thank you, Teachers of SPD!
Many of us would not have come this far if not for our dedicated teachers who spent time nurturing and believing in us. This is what our early intervention teachers [...]
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EIPIC Transition Planning for Parents
Children who successfully complete the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) at the end of the year will transit into the next phase of their education, be it [...]
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