Behind the Scenes – What Goes Behind the Assembling of Race Packs
Our Sheltered Workshop programme have packed and delivered more than 141,000 race packs for 13 runs and walks this year. Find out more on what goes on in the workshop [...]
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – David Tan
Despite his deteriorating vision and losing his job in his mid-50s, David Tan chose to stay positive and prepares himself to take up new challenges. Read his story here.
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I Love My Job!
In conjunction with Labour Day, a few SPD clients and staff share their thoughts on working and being employed.
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Transition to Employment
The Transition to Employment (TTE) is a community-based return-to-work programme to re-integrate people with acquired physical disabilities back to mainstream workforce. The programme will be tailored according to individual needs by [...]
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Integrating People With Disabilities Into the Workforce
A recent survey found that inclusion of people with disabilities was the biggest issue in the workplace, despite many having the relevant qualifications to work effectively.
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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Azlin Binte Amran
In this article, Ms Azlin Binte Amran, SPD’s Employment Support Specialist, shares what made her look on the bright side of things.
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