Love Knows No Limits: Kee Choon & Ziying’s Journey of Love
For Kee Choon and Ziying, their relationship has been a journey of love, embracing differences, and finding strength in each other. This couple proves that love that transcends geographical boundaries [...]
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Beyond Limits: Alwyn’s Journey in Employment and Advocacy
Alwyn's daily course of work involves advising ultra-high-net-worth clients on hedge fund and private market solutions to meet their investment objectives. Beyond work, he actively advocates for disability and inclusion.
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Moza’s Splash of Inspiration: Navigating School, Dreams, and Beyond
Behind Moza's cheerful spirit and love for sweet and savory treats lies a resilient and determined young lady who aims to break barriers and inspire others.
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UNLABEL people with disabilities today
UNLABEL – A Public Education Campaign by SPD to Change Attitudes
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SPD Partners with Societal to Continue Un-labelling People With Disabilities
SPD Partners with Societal to Continue Un-labelling People With Disabilities. One of the greatest barriers people with disabilities face is the attitudes of other people in labelling them.
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