Adopt a positive mindset for positive parenting
For most parents, raising a child can be as taxing as it is rewarding. And for some, their parenting journey could be fraught with even more challenges. Mr Raj, a [...]
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Patience and Wisdom to Identify Intervention Techniques that Work
When guiding children with autism, caregivers often face the daunting task of figuring out the most effective techniques to use. In this article, Mr Raj, whose son Kirisnah attends our [...]
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Why Cooking Biryani is a Metaphor for Parenting Children with Autism
Food prepared with love is the tastiest. The same could be said about parenting. With the right strategies, mindset and most importantly – love – a child can learn to [...]
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A Father’s Reflection
To many of us, our father is a source of strength and someone we look up to, amongst many other amazing things. This Father’s Day, Mr Rajendran shares with us [...]
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