Inclusive Play For Children Of All Abilities
Look at how children with and without special needs had fun playing and interacting with one another at the Special Time programme at the Jurong Regional Library.
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A Closer Look: SPD Sheltered Workshop
The SPD Sheltered Workshop offers vocational training that helps prepare people with disabilities for employment.
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SPD Education Programme Bursary Award
The SPD Education Programme Bursary Award is offered to students from low-income families studying in mainstream schools.
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Microsoft YouthSpark Scholarship
The Microsoft YouthSpark Scholarship seeks to nurture and develop candidates who demonstrate excellent academic credentials, strong leadership potential, and a passion for creativity, higher learning and innovation.
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Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship For Persons With Disabilities
Dickson was born legally blind with Leber’s congenital amaurosis, a rare degenerative disease that results in severe loss of vision.
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Public Education
We focus our advocacy efforts in three main areas of equal access to education, equal opportunity in employment and equal participation in community, and we do so through the media, [...]
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Employment Support Programme
Through the Employment Support Programme (ESP), we help people with physical disabilities as well as hearing and visual impairments secure open employment. In addition, job support of up to at [...]
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Specialised Case Management Programme
The Specialised Case Management Programme (SCMP) is a nation-wide pilot programme started in October 2006 to support persons of all age groups with disabilities and their caregivers, to empower them [...]
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Specialised Assistive Technology Centre
Technology is a powerful enabler for people with disabilities. With the help of assistive technology (AT), many had been able to overcome their day-to-day challenges and become fully-integrated into all [...]
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