Using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Cycling in Restorative Therapy for Persons with Mobility Challenges
Functional electrical stimulation involves sending low-current electrical pulses via electrodes on paralysed or deconditioned muscles to produce muscle contractions during a purposeful movement, such as stepping, cycling and walking, or [...]
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Ceiling Hoist for Physical Therapy
One common rehabilitation goal for those who experience limb weakness, or those with temporary paralysis, is to learn to walk again and be independent in the community. We take a [...]
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Telepractice Deployed During Pandemic to Improve Communication for Persons with Aphasia
A stroke that happened three years ago left Mr Allan Tan with speech difficulties as he struggles with aphasia. Read on to find out how our speech therapist helped to [...]
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How a Woman Turned Her Adversity into an Opportunity to Help Others
Charlene’s career as a video director was thrown off-course when a fall caused a burst fracture that shattered her L3 vertebrae. Read about Charlene's recovery at SPD's TTE and how [...]
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Celebrating World Physiotherapy Day 2020
It's World Physiotherapy Day and we would like to thank all our physiotherapists for their hard work in serving our clients and their families.
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Meet Nurul Atiqah, the Physiotherapist (Professionals’ Day Special)
Professionalism is one of SPD’s service quality values. In conjunction with our Professional Day which falls on 4 September 2020 this year, we bring you a new five-part weekly series [...]
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