Bilingualism: Facts, Myths, and Tips
SPD speech therapist Alyssa Teo dispels myths associated with bilingualism and provides tips on how parents can help their child pick up another language
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Telepractice Deployed During Pandemic to Improve Communication for Persons with Aphasia
A stroke that happened three years ago left Mr Allan Tan with speech difficulties as he struggles with aphasia. Read on to find out how our speech therapist helped to [...]
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Ensuring Continuity of Care Through Innovation
Remote support became part of the new normal for our professionals, especially when services were temporarily suspended during the circuit breaker period. In this video, our speech therapists share their insights, experiences and challenges adapting [...]
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In Conversation with Speech Therapist – Deborah Yong
October is international AAC awareness month. Find out more from Deborah Yong on AAC and the work she does as a speech therapist specialising in assistive technology.
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How to Engage Your Child in Conversation
Does your child talks to you only when he or she wants something? SPD’s speech therapist, Ridhima Batra, provides some useful tips to help you engage your child in conversation.
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Children benefiting from EIPIC Under-2s and DS-Plus
SPD piloted the two new programmes, EIPIC Under-2s and Development Support (DS)-Plus. Read more on how Thaen Aiyen and Elijah Lim have improved under the programmes.
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Two New Programmes for Children with Developmental Needs
The Government recently announced two new schemes and additional financial support for families with children with developmental needs. Find out more here.
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