Developing Dressing Skills: Let’s help your kids to get dressed
Dressing skills are a fundamental aspect of daily life, and helping your child master this skill not only contributes to their self-efficacy but also boosts their self-esteem.
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Get Ready for School with Me
The transition between pre-school and formal school education can be a daunting experience to most children, as they will encounter new and unfamiliar situations. SPD's occupational therapists share some advice [...]
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Helping children learn about disability
How do we foster open conversations with our children about disability? Here are some tips on how to initiate this process and in doing so, cultivate the values of kindness [...]
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How parents can increase play engagement with their child
Play engagement between parents, the child and their siblings helps to create a relationship of trust and allow the child to learn and make sense of the world.
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Travelling with my child who requires additional support – What should I prepare?
Here are some some tips for parents who are planning on travelling with their child who either uses a mobility aid, is overly active, dislikes loud noises or crowded places, [...]
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Developing social skills in young children
Social skills are essential in helping children form positive and meaningful relationships with others, as well as navigate social situations. Speech therapist Danica Tan highlights the development of social skills [...]
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Tips for Having Successful Conversations with Children with Social Communication Difficulties
conversation skills may not develop naturally for everybody, such as for children with social communication difficulties. SPD’s speech therapist, Tan Jia Hui shares some strategies to improve your chances of [...]
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Useful Tips to Make Working from Home Safe and Comfortable
SPD’s senior physiotherapist, Lin Jingyi, offers some useful tips to make working from home safe and comfortable, in this first installment of the Work From Home series.
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HEY – How arE You? (Part 4) – Stay in Harmony @ Home
Have you or any of your family members been moodier than usual, lethargic or overly frenetic? In the last installment of the HEY - How arE You series, we share [...]
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HEY – How arE You? (Part 3) – Stay Healthy @ Home
In this installment of the HEY - How arE You series, we share with you good and healthy habits on how to stay healthy at home.
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