How to Improve Your Child’s Language and Communication With Visual Support
Research has shown that visual supports work well as a way to improve understanding and communication. Visual supports, such as pictures help children with language delays understand what is being [...]
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How to Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle for Our Children
Recognising the need to cultivate healthy lifestyles in children, SPD’s physiotherapist Barry Faulkner highlights ways in which parents can help their young grow up happy and healthy.
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Engage Your Child in Play with O.W.L Strategy
Parents facing difficulties with engaging their child in play with others may follow the OWL strategy. OWL stands for Observe, Wait and Listen, and it is a helpful guideline when [...]
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How to Cope With the Challenges of Raising Children With Special Needs
A guide to coping with the challenges of raising children with special needs as well as support groups that parents with special needs children can join.
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Bouncing Back from Life’s Adversities
Life is like a roller-coaster. It is full of ups and downs and at times, we have to deal with unexpected incidents or events. There could be a myriad of [...]
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Strategies to Cope with Caregiver Stress
Clemaus Lim, senior manager of the Community & Social Service Department which runs the Specialised Case Management Programme (SCMP), sheds light on the stress that caregivers feel resulting from taking [...]
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Alternatives to Screen Time for Children
Parents handing over their mobile devices to their children to keep them quiet or occupied is a common sight these days. However, excessive use of this method for short-term peace [...]
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Screen Time and Children
As digital technologies increasingly become tools that we use at work and home, children inevitably seek to emulate this usage. Although technology has educational and other benefits for children, how [...]
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